Customisable daily scheduler for multiple roles/ aspects of life.

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Classic (5.5 x 8.5)
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I have found after much experimentation that this is the daily scheduling format that I have managed to use for an extended period without finding it too cumbersome or too boring or too flighty.
I print the sheets in 2 page per sheet format and slice through the middle to get Junior size sheets for my junior size Circa planner.
I also have very small Circa punched cards which fit into the Slider sections, which are for keeping the weekly goals in view. Sometimes I may even dispense with the small cards and just daily write down the weekly goals that I would have arrived at through my weekly review.
The Inbox section is for recording whatever work arrives during the day and just making a note against each item as to how it has been dealt with or will be dealt with (delay/ delegate, etc)
Am putting this up in Word format so that everyone is free to customise the template for their own use and change the categories as they may deem fit.

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Microsoft Word
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