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Hi, I am thinking of keeping my journal on the computer in future as it saves space and also I think it would feel more private (I have a nosey boyfriend). I do prefer to keep paper journals but I am so worried about them getting read either now or after I am gone. I keep my old journals in a locked tin but I have been thinking of scanning them and saving them on my external hard drive, I know it would be a long job but might be worth it. I also don't know how to password protect a hard drive or folder, I can password protect a Word document but can't find the facility to do it with a folder or an external hard drive.

Does anyone else here feel that a computer journal is more private?

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Speaking as a computer professional, passwords can be hacked. It might take time and effort, but very little on a computer is truly secure. Locked tins and safes, of course, can be broken into as well, sometimes even quicker, using only a hammer.

Stuff on a computer tends to be less 'visible' until someone goes hunting for data, and thus it wouldn't be sitting there out in the open looking like bait to a nosy boyfriend. But he would probably have more time to work at figuring out where stuff is and what the password is..and you might not even know if he managed to get into your stuff.

If you are really concerned about the security of your stuff, I might go for a safe deposit box at the bank for the older ones and not share the key. Physically moving the journals off-premises is a good choice for removing temptation and keeping them secure. Banks also have rules about who can and can't request access to your stuff. Of course, that involves an expense.

It's all a case of 'how bad do you want it?' Both for him and for you.



If you don't mind my asking, what about Keepass2? How hard would it be to crack data encrypted by that program? If it is not too complex, I would like to attempt it myself on my computer, just to see if my encrypted data is truly safe.

not a hacker


Not being a hacker type, I don't know 'how difficult' any particular password is to crack. The limitation with password keeping programs is that they're secured by a password. Encryption keeps the data garbled until the initial password is taken care of. There are programs out there specifically made to hack passwords, so hackers *can* just grab one of those programs, set it running against what they want to crack, and then go have pizza until it's done. The stronger the password is, the longer it takes to bust, generally.

Personally, I'm not that worried about a determined hacker. I keep my password *hints* in an encrypted password-protected software..but only the hints. So even if they manage to bust open my software, they still don't have my passwords. I even hint my usernames in most cases so generally my username isn't even stored there..just a hint to it.

It is much simpler to assume that stuff isn't really secure than to try to find something you think *is* secure. The point is just to slow others down to the point where they start thinking it's not worth it to continue.


Hi, thanks for your reply. I

Hi, thanks for your reply. I don't really want the expense of off site storage to be honest and I doubt my boyfriend would think of looking on a hard drive or memory stick as he's not that technically minded but he would look through a hand written book.