Are Staple's Arc Notebooks still in your stores?

I'm in a panic because, for the last month, my local Staples no longer has the Arc notebooks. Are they still in others stores?

Yes, I know I could ask or call/email the store directly, but I've found myself dreading the answer.

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Yes, and the selection seems to be growing

I'm seeing more colors of leather covers, and more discs, in more sized. It's actually looking like a good alternative to Levenger/Rollabind.


I guess I just need to move!

They are a great addition to Levenger/Rollerbind as they are completely compatible, and way cheaper than Levenger.

Our store moved them

My local Staples moved them to the opposite side of the store with all the reams of paper instead of with the notebooks and planners as they had been since they came out. Never occurred to me to look somewhere else in the store -- I thought they gave up on them. I finally asked and they showed me where they are. Any chance that happened at your Staples?

Though I looked everywhere

I usually hit every aisle when I go to an office supply store, but I probably did miss something. Thanks for giving me hope and an excuse to visit Staples again!

Two of my local Staples

Two of my local Staples stores still carry them. The Arc stuff was moved to the paper section as well.

I saw them too

At my store last week. Seems like they keep moving them....

I found it!

Thanks. They were in a huge new display right at the entrance right next to a huge new display of a bunch of Moleskine products. I'm holding out hope for my sanity by believing neither display were there the last time I was.

Thanks for answering my panicky question. If those notebooks were discontinued, I'd much rather hear it from others who would understand my deviation other than from a clerk in a store where they already think I'm a bit nuts (no one at my local Stables asks if I need help anymore, even though I'm wandering around like a lost lamb).

Staples ARC restocking around here

Staples in my area (Columbus, Ohio) has been restocking the notebooks and carrying more and more products. They are now selling the poly cover notebooks as they call them with the weekly calendar pages included, as well the 2013 calendar refills. In fact, when I went to get the 2013 calendar refills, they were sold out!

The said they could order online, I could pay in the store and they'd ship to my house for free. I don't know if this is a service Staples normal offers, or it was just the assistant manager I was talking to being nice.

Apparently the 2013 calendar refills are selling out fast enough, they are having problems keeping them in stock!


UK Staples ramping up

Looks like the Staples stores in the UK are still stocking Arc stuff. Dreading the thought that it might be stopped I went to see what their web site had on offer. Several things marked "new" :-) so they haven't given up here; some of the new stuff could be really useful, such as zipped pocket dividers (better than stuffing expenses receipts in my wallet), rulers, top-of-page dividers, and some new style covers.

Went to look at what the US version had on offer and noticed that some of the UK stuff, like the pockets, isn't available over there but there was a punch. Also some stuff that isn't available over here.

Returning to the UK web site an hour later --- lunch intervened --- I notice they are selling a punch too! Now I'm wondering do I make a special trip to the nearest store and hope they have all the new goodies or do I simply order them from the web site? Or do I go to that store and buy the new stuff and, if they don't have it, order the punch online. You know I think it's the latter especially as they haven't got pictures of the new stuff online yet.

Staples Australia has ARC notebooks on discount

For Australian ARC fans ... Staples Australia has 20% off some of the ARC notebooks online

A5 ARC notebook on sale

More products!

I have 3 Staples "nearby" and I've been to 2 of 3 in the last two days. The "better" Staples has letter size leather binders in Purple and Burgundy now. I lust after those, and since I gave my brown leather binder to a friend who was desperate for organizational help, I have an excuse to buy one as soon as they go on sale or I get an email coupon. That same Staples also had a mini poly notebook now and a mini post it note insert to match. I almost bought both, then realized I had enough extra discs and stuff to make one at home. The mini notebook is bound along the side, not across the top like a hipster PDA.

But wait, there's more! I'm looking at this weeks ad online, and the Martha Stewart for Avery collection has added disc bound notebooks, and they are on sale this week for 25% off. I see binders, tabs, filler paper, and calendar inserts, in two sizes. I might have to change my plans and head out to take a peek today.


Unfortunately Staples Australia won't ship to Western Australia for some reason :( x 10.
Of course they couldn't be bothered replying to my long whiney email questioning their Xenophobia and telling them to use Australia Post to ship their items (lol).
I so desperately want to get me some Arc.
the moving cursor having written, blinks on ...

Martha Stewart Arc Staples Discbound Products

There was a coupon for 40% off one Martha Stewart product, so I thought I'd look at them.
They look nice, but the colors do not appeal to me.

I would still buy the plain old Arc products. They are less expensive.

With any luck, folks will consider trying disc binding 'cause Ms. Stewart recommends it.
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Holding tongue

Lol ygor.
I sooo want to make a naughty comment about said celebrity's recommendations.
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So far as I know, Arc is not

So far as I know, Arc is not really available in Canada at all, though I was able to find some Arc products in some isolated stores, like the one near my house. They are currently discounting whatever they have, clearly to get rid of them. They never had the punch, which is a shame.