Interesting Articles on the Future of Planners

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Can't wait

Can't wait to read this on tomorrow morning's commute.

Thanks for sharing!
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The web has been buzzing about the impending sale of the Filofax brand.
What is sad is that it truly is a conundrum.

Read the linked pages from "the future of planners" post

As well as the original page: A letter to the PR firm for Filofax.
The statements of that firm are pure PR, just a textbook example of what typical PR really is. Spin and Trend, very very shallow.

It is a shame that in the days of social media, a firm has to rely on 1980's spin to communicate with their customers.

I checked the other "small businesses" planner companies and I don't know if they are really small businesses or subsidies of larger conglomerates.

I own a beautiful vintage leather Filofax binder but, as I stated before, the A6 pages are too small.

I have been tempted numerous times to buy the next size up, A5 or half letter size, but a binder of that size in leather is way too heavy when paper is added.

When it came out, I was tempted to buy a binder from their vinyl Domino line which has beautiful exterior colors, but, the ugliest putty interior color and no external zipper.

For many many years, I housed an half letter notepad and an Incompetec yearly calendar in a plastic envelope or a cheap zipper nylon case, in case I had to be more formal.

Every year, between September and December, I checked all the new offerings, (another excuse to browse stationery stores), but never found anything suitable.

I even thought of Circa, Rollabind and Myndology but my main note taking needs are more suited to notepads than notebooks.

Until, I bought my Field Journal Notebook from Tom Bihn, which is ideal as it is dressy enough to take to formal meetings and rugged enough to take to the field.

It was designed with the input of people who work in the field and Tom Bihn customers and this is why it is a winner.

Another winner in finding my ideal organizing setup is this site, D.I.Y planner, which I visited numerous times, starting in the early days.
I had just bought GTD and was confused.

Doug, Ygor and the members of this site are making D.I.Y planning a wonderful journey.

Instead of being stuck with same boring old daily homework calendar or mostly useless mini calendar giveaway.

At beginning of each academic or secular year, it is a wonderful journey of discovery, tips and tricks, wonderful creations, passionate debates about stationery!

So true

Yes, I get rather miffed that the world of planning has moved on since 1981 but so many of the planning companies are printing the same old stuff.

I'd really like to see some innovative ideas coming out of Filofax etc that incorporate a smart phone into a binder and have pages that record brainstorming and essential notes that are more easily accessed on paper than in a phone. So someone could use paper and electronic together, and have references between the two.

eg Mindmapping and Project Design both work on a computer or paper but are too hard to manage in detail on a phone screen or small tablet.

Phones & small tablets are great for simple task lists, basic diaries, contact lists etc. It's what happens next with that info that we need paper to manage

well-stated, Katrina

I agree completely.