Staples ARC meets Levenger Circa surprise

I've been using a Levenger Circa Master Zip Folio for my main planner for a while now. I love the fact that I can throw in 1 1/2 discs and pretty much load it up and it still fits. I've got a full calendar, notes, goals, todo list, address book and even a section of all the currently active work projects I have.

One thing always bugged me about it and I seem to have found a solution in a surprising place. The notebook inside the folio always seemed to slide around a bit and I never did find a good way to stop that from happening - just kind of figured they wanted to make sure you'd have room to stuff a couple extra papers in there or something.

Then I bought one of the Staples ARC notebooks. It turns out between the notebook being maybe 1/8 inch wider and more of a texture to the plastic cover, it actually seems to stay in place. So if you're having problems with your Circa notebook sliding around in the zipper binder, trying hitting Staples and buying their plastic cover notebook and swapping covers.

It seems to have done the trick for me. What remains to be seen is if it will stay in place once I've used it for a while. I don't know if the texture would wear off the cover and that may cause it to start sliding around again.


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