Breaking News: Disc bound notbook at CVS

I saw a letter size disc bound notebook, refill paper, and tabs at CVS yesterday. I intended to report the brand and the prices, but I didn't write it down, thus don't remember.

I thought you all should know.

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What city, please ?

What city did you see this in, please ?
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Ann Arbor, MI

It was at a CVS downtown near the university. I'm still kicking myself for not writing down the system's name.

Update: Caliber Refillable Notebook

I went to another CVS in Ann Arbor and found them there too.

It is CVS's office supply brand. I couldn't find it online. I bought the tapped dividers and they fit perfectly in my Circa/Rolland/Arc notebook. The notebook was $8.30, the dividers were $4.00. I don't remember how much the refill paper was. So about the same price as Stables. May be a nice option for those who can't easily get to Staples since, at least in my part of the US, there is a CVS just about everywhere.

CVS in Columbus, Ohio

I went to the nearest CVS to me here in Columbus, Ohio. Not nearly the selection of Staples ARC, and not as high quality either but at least they have something.

Just did a quick glance and they had letter size notebooks, refill pages, and dividers.


Beverly, MA

I've seen them at two different CVS stores in Beverly, MA.

DC Metro

Finding them consistently in DC and MD 'burbs (haven't checked VA yet)


No reqrets, just lessons learned.

I'll have to make a stop. :)

I'll have to make a stop. :) I wonder if they'll do junior size... :D

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