Stumped...As Usual

I find myself laid off again and wallowing in unhappy planner land. I used a horizontal week split between two pages Moleskine 5 by 8 for 2012. I won a Paperblanks planner that is a horizontal weekly but is just 5 by 7.

I have several ideas for 2013.
I could use a Filofax personal 3.75 by 6.75 or a disc bound compact which is the same size.
I could use a daily desk calendar refill punched for disc binding OR just put in binder rings and make my own covers. But that would be daily... Do I want or need daily?
I scored some outdated Rhodia planners. The small and medium size. I could redate them.
I could order a new Moleskine that worked so well in 2012
I could print my pages and make a disc bound horizontal weekly with added features from the template treasure chest here.
I have a monthly planner that is letter sized and also a monthly with vertical weekly pages too. I don't often schedule days like the vertical is meant to be used.
I have a giant stash of blank journals and notebooks. I could DiY with stamps, stickers and colorful pens.

See... Lots of ideas - lots of supplies - but few actual system usage plans.
I should focus more on what I want this system to do, right? Do I need a daily account of 2013 or is a weekly enough? Oy. I love this time of year but dread it too. Last year was easy - I was injured in a car collision, bout the horizontal weekly Moleskine in sale via Amazon and was done with it.

Any advice? Anyone else going through the same problems? :)

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Going back to Circa

Wow, long time no see, DIYP peeps. I am going back to basics with a Circa planner for 2013. Breaking it up into monthly, quarterly and "further out" sections. I am working on a blog post about it for Thursday.

Renewing interest in circa

It must be the time of year; I also find myself wondering about planner design for 2013. I am leaving a job which had so many meetings (which changed often) that a shared online calendar was the only workable option. The new gig will, hopefully, be more focused and less calendar-driven, which means I can consider a paper solution. I love the ability to customize with circa, so that's my first (and only choice) in binders. I think I am going to export calendar information from google calendar, import it into Microsoft Word, and print monthly calendars for my Jr. size Circa. I'm not sure if I've done this before and I'm not sure how difficult it's going to be.

Thanks everyone for your input -- I'm looking forward to your ideas. (I definitely need to incorporate more stickers, stamps and colors! Thanks for the reminder, Sara!)

P.S. I've never heard someone say "Last year was easy - I was injured in a car collision" before -- I hope you are well-recuperated.

Picking the planner was

Picking the planner was easy. Lol. The triple ankle fracture & dislocation, surgery and rehab wasn't so easy. The weekly Moleskine worked fine for my needs - mostly.

Incorporating color and fun with stamps and stickers is a great way to brighten potentially heavy days. I've gotten some cheap ones at the dollar store and Big Lots. Even doodled around on pages to break up the monotony of the weeks. :) I'm also playing around with the idea of color coding with dot stickers.

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It's only three days into

It's only three days into January. I stopped at Office Depot yesterday and found no 2012 goodies on clearance - not one. I can't justify buying anything expensive right now but still peaked around at 2013 stuff. Nothing caught my eye.

I'm using my Paperblanks weekly and planning on examining my needs. It's tempting to get new things but I have a good feeling I already have everything I need here in my ample stash.

How is your new year unfolding?

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Annual Debate

Hi Sara. I battle this demon every year.......what "system" should I use? Your comment about ordering "a new Moleskine that worked so well in 2012" made me smile. For the non-DIY Planner people out there, renewing their current system is almost automatic. But for us DIY Planner folks, its not that easy.

I started a large Moleskine in August of 2011 and still have approximately 70 blank pages. It has lasted much longer than I anticipated. I envisioned using one book per year. I could probably make it through July 2013 with it........but I don't want to. I want to try something else. But I don't want to waste the paper. *sigh*

I briefly contemplated purchasing a refill for my classic FC binder. I was at Office Max, picked one up, held it in my hand for a minute or so, and then put it back, muttering to myself "no, maybe something else instead." And then left the store empty-handed. Analysis paralysis at its worst. *sigh*

I want to buy one of those cool faux leather ARC notebooks from Staples, and then set up a cool tabbing system for projects. Oh wait, I already have a tabbed circa book for my projects, and its collecting dust. I just want the cool faux leather ARC notebook. But will I use it? *sigh*

I guess I'm stumped too. *sigh*


I must've switched 100 times last year

I bought a couple different things for this year but never settled. Family calendar is still the big ugly family calendar i referred to as ugly but ridiculously functional. For me, I finally bought an iphone. I stick some stuff in there. Just can't settle on something I love.

Sara - if you're interested I can send you another box of stuff - shoot me an email. I'm still collecting way too much stuff. Would love to send you a goodie box. Do me a favor and put the subject in ALL CAPS though so I see it. My email through this site is my shopping email account so there's tons of solicitations. Sorry to hear you had a tough 2012.

What was so good about it


What was so good about your planner last year? Did you like it because you didn't have the ability to change it and you had to settle down to using it? Or did it really work well for you?

**putting on my pop-psychology hat** I suggest you try using the paperblanks planner. Just because you won it doesn't mean that it's less deserving that your 2012 'friend through adversity' planner that got you through a painful experience.

And, if you don't like the paperblanks planner you can always get a Moleskine one when they're discounted in a couple of months time

No suggestions


I have no particular suggestions for what you should do, but I just reprinted the planner I built over a year ago..a vertical week-to-a-page inspired by 'weekdate.' I made mine in OpenOffice calc. Mine is classic size with a legal size foldout for the weekly and monthly stuff. I *really* like not having to rewrite the periodic appointments and to-dos.

I find for myself that less is definitely more. Less time spent assembling the system is good. Less time managing the daily details is good. In general, less messing around with anything planner-related is good. Of course, I also have Google Calendar for my kids' appointments and my husband's shared calendar, my work Outlook.. The paper thing on my desk simply allows me to scribble notes on the blank page across from the current week's appointments and have an overview of what's going on.

Anyway, keep it simple and lightweight. Don't plan for maximum detail, plan for minimum. It's simple enough to go bigger later.


I have been using my

I have been using my Paperblanks planner. I try to carry it daily and opening it at least three times - morning, afternoon and evening. It is working pretty well. I find myself less likely to forget things if I jot them all down so I'm writing more in than I otherwise might. I've been using pencil which is odd. I don't usually stick with just pencils (as my pen collection is so vast) but for some reason all of 2013 has been with my Pentel Click-Erase 0.5 or 0.9 and my new BIC ReAction 0.5. I'm adding stamps, stickers and bits of decorative tape to make the pages less serious and boring.

I posted on my blog about my first two weeks. I'm joining a group that shares photos of their planner weeks. It is quite good fun. Nice to see the variety of approaches out there. Stop by my blog and take a peak if you'd like.

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Sara how do you blend the use of 2 different planners?

Under your Paperblanks planner, there is another one, the House of Doolittle Weekly/Monthly Appointment Planner.

How are they used differently?

I haven't been using the

I haven't been using the Doolittle. Now I have acquired an Orange Circle Studio planner (for a $1) and will be getting a week on 2 pages refil for my personal Urban Filofax. This leaves me really tempted to change planners or find a way to use more than one. I get plannerd guilt if I don't use one for the entire length of its life. It's silly because this guilt has even kept me using systems that didn't work well. /sigh/ oh the indecisive life I live.

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Trying a Blend This Year

I finally decided on my organizing tools for 2013. A couple weeks ago I purchased one of those cool Arc notebooks from Staples. I bought the brown junior size, five tabs, and one additional pack of pre-punched paper. In my work life I have three primary categories of duties. One tab for each. I've also added a "reminders" tab as a place to store those ideas that come to me when all I'm carrying is a stack of notecards and a pen. Jot a note, punch the card with my handy Levenger circa pocket punch, and put it behind the tab until I act on it. The fifth tab was blank for a long time. Yesterday I labelled it "active". It's a catch-all parking lot for those active tasks that don't fit into one of my buckets.

To complement this paper-based system, I've been experimenting with Evernote. I picked up a copy of *Evernote for Dummies* to learn how to use it more wisely. What I learned is that Evernote would be far more useful if I owned a smart phone. Actually, I have picked up a few good tips. I'm using it primarily as a place to archive reference materials that I don't want to search too hard to find again later. It's also perfect for archiving email messages I'll need later. My employer archives any email older than 90 days, but retrieval is difficult. Having an archive in Evernote will be a blessing. I also learned how to link Twitter to Evernote. I can send send a personal note to my Evernote account by sending a text message to my Twitter account. That's a poor man's smart phone right there! The message only appears in Evernote, not on Twitter. It's very cool.

Old habits die hard, though. I'm still primarily a paper guy.