Keeping notes both short and long term

Hello All,

I find myself taking notes for everything from groceries to topics I would like to research, books to read, new words, notes on articles, etc. Some of these notes can be discarded very soon. Others I would like to keep longer.

For now I am using a 4 by 6 top spiral notebook. This is a good capture device but does not give much space for longer lists.

I use a small filofax as a planner and do not want to add a third notebook.



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Multi pages?

Since I'm a minimalist -- can't you simply let your lists go multipage as they grow? Just label them, like "Books to Read p4."

I'd probably put my list pages at the back of my notebook, and work forward as they need space, while putting other/transient notes from the front back. And, since I'm mega lazy, I probably wouldn't rewrite the lists when I exhaust a given notebook. Just tear out those pages, trim off the ruffly bits, and tape them onto the back pages of the replacement notebook. Or glue stick, if you only use one side of the paper, which I highly recommend.

If there's a particular list(s) you need to find often, maybe use those movable post-it flags on the 'active' page of each of those lists.

Thanks for the suggestion,

Thanks for the suggestion, but it doesn't quite fit for me as I want to keep some notes long term.

Two in one system.

When your notebook runs out, you could replace it by a Myndology Journal Size: 6.5" x 8.5"

It is a bit roomier than 4 x 6, yet still portable, is like a spiral notebook but refillable, and each page can be removed to be filed (for example in a folder) or moved to another disk bound notebook, the covers come in a variety of colors.

I held one and it is lighter that some of the notebook with cardboard covers.

You can keep one notebook in your purse at all time, use some pages for lists to discard and other pages for research and other notes you want to keep.

This way, you can write anything in any page in your on the go notebook, (I found this is usually when inspiration strikes hence the need for a mean to take notes on the go), then remove the page(s) for a research topic or article's notes when full.

What organizing tools do you use to keep the pages of your spiral notebook by topics?
Or do you just write in it, discard the page you keep as short time notes/list and keep the other pages intact in the spiral notebook.

The fact that Myndology notebooks covers come in a variety of colors mean that you can transfert pages from the main notebook carried in your purse to other ones, kept at home with a different cover.

If you don't want to invest in the cute notebook covers, you can easily make a D.I.Y disk bound cover by using cardstock, disk found on the Myndology website, Staples, Levenger, even CVS makes disk bound notebooks.

Many members on this site have made their own disk bound system.

Let us know what you think!

PS: While Myndology is a site sponsor, I am not affiliated with them, I just post on the site.

This might work. I'll have

This might work. I'll have to think about it.

I tried this

I tried this and it is working well. I use a journal size myndology. The journal size pages are for my long term notes and I will move them to their own books. For my short-term notes I use refill pages from the smaller size myndology. I alos cut a few of the journal size pages in halves for longer stuff like grocery lists.

I am very happy it is

I am very happy it is working well for you!