GTD Workflow in OmniGraffle

This past September, I attended the Mastering Workflow for Business Leaders seminar in Houston. Afterwards, I felt motivated to make my own GTD workflow diagram to keep as a reference in my office. It's based on an existing diagram I found here on

I posted the resulting file on my blog, slightly insightful, and now I'd like to share it with you fine folks.

I've included both a PDF for printing and the original OmniGraffle source file in case you'd like to edit it.


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GTD - Workflow - Thumbnail.png
Usage advice: 

Print and refer to the GTD workflow diagram often. It's a great motivational tool for me and serves of a reminder of the overall GTD process flow.

Creative Commons
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Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader, Preview (OS X), OmniGraffle
GTD - Workflow.pdf74.43 KB
GTD - Workflow.zip5.6 KB
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