Digital/Analog Hybrid

I have experimented with many ways of calendaring using various ring binders, day planners, etc. I now use a combination of ring binders, each for a particular topic like career or hobby notes. My daily plan (based on GTD) is kept on-line and editied each morning with my to-do list. I print 2 pages in a reduced format so that it can be folded and kept in my shirt pocket (I have attached an example.) I also keep the contents of some of my ring notebooks online and print them in reduced duplex so that I can use both analog and digital.

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The trouble with hybrids

I used to use a really interesting program called Lotus Agenda to keep my to-do lists. But, I found that after I had created and cross-categorized the to-do list, I printed out the list, carried it in my notebook, and altered it with pen. I tried to force myself to use it only on-line (I was often with computer) but that failed. Years later, I used a Palm, but it did not work well, sometimes I kept up using its to-do lists and calender for months at a time, but just as often I'd devolve into writing to-do lists (sometimes overlapping in content) in my notebook. That was not efficient. I still use the palm (which is now ancient, but well-loved), for my contacts/address book.

Reading on the web about the so-called back to paper movement liberated me back into using a paper planner (which I used to use before Agenda). I can say I now use paper much more than I ever did any digital solutions, much as they seemed like good ideas.

Alas, my company uses Outlook on-line to schedule meetings. So I'm into the integrating digital and analog, after going through periods of exclusively using one or the other. I've tried two solutions, using Outlook to print out classic or 3x5 calender pages and putting them in my paper planner, or simply copying the appointments into the paper planner. I must say, the former solution wastes a lot of time, cutting out pages repeatedly as appointments change, etc (it took less than half a day to realize this wasn't going to work). So, as seemingly tedious as it is, the best solution is just copying appointments (it helps that I can then integrate my work, home, and professional appointments, with the advantage that those non-work items are not visible on the shared calender unless I want them to be viewed & considered).

As has been said, paper just seems more sensible, it's portable and efficient. Still I've seen and used digital solutions for a while, and I look with great interest on some computer solutions (Life Balance is esp. interesting) and most all of the rest of my life, work, and records are digital -- I still keep thinking digital should work. So I look with eagerness to others to hear about creative integrations of digital and analog - please share!