New: Gioconda from Hamburg / Germany

Hallo everybody,

I just joined a few minutes ago. Some month ago I started GTD with a mixed digital and anlog approach. Filemaker Database on my Mac (Still Classic System) and printouts in my hipster pda. I use a paper A6 format.

I hope that I can get good inspiration from your wonderfull pages - and perhaps contribute with some of my personal experiences.

Hearing from you soon

cordialmente Gioconda

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Or is it Wilkommen?


Thank you for your warm welcome

Hi, ShutterCat!

Thank you so much for your nice welcome. This is the first reply to my first post on this forum - and I do appreciate it a lot.

And yes, you are quiete right. It is willkommen (double ll). A nice, a little bit antiquated German word that nowerdays is seldome used by the under-60-generation. What a pity. The meaning is nice - they just don't use it as often as yinz in the U.S.

Hearing from you soon!