New user from Argentina and some questions


My name is Ernesto and I am from Argentina. After trying several "digital solutions" (like Covey´s Plan Plus, "My Life Organized" or "Life Balance"), I am planning to back to the old and trustable paper.

I have recently purchased David Allen´s "Getting Thing Done" ("Organizate con Eficacia" is the name in its spanish version) and I´m reading it and trying to put the GTD system to work.
I´m a little confused about the plethora of forms available in the "calendar" and "core" files of the DYI Planner.
As an example, what´s the difference between "Daily Planner" and "Day Tracker". Which do I need to use as agenda? Which form is useful for "Next actions" in the GTD method?

Thankfully in advance and sorry if my english is not clear.

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Making Choices...

Hi Ernesto,

Your English is fine, bienvenidos al foro!

First stop is the D*I*Y Handbook, packed with useful information. and tips on setting up one's planner.Calendars are a personal choice. Unless you need something specific for your work, choose the one you feel the most comfortable with.

Turning to the A5 1-up edition 'core' we find Agenda(s) Templates on pages 19 - 22.

For 'Next Action' lists we have Conbined Actions on pages 7 and 8; Actions on pages 9 - 12; the Actions Quadrant on pages 13 and 14 and for that StarTrek moment; the Satellite Action Card (SAC) ;)