Has anyone tried a Moleskine Classic Organizer?

Does anyone own one of these?


It looks like an extra duty envelope with sturdier construction. Why does that mini look so . . . inviting?

Ostrander =)

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The mini looks new. I do not remember seeing them before.
However, I have a few of the larger ones. Great for holding receipts and such.
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How long have you had them?

I was thinking the mini might be a perfect debit card and cash holder.
Is the construction durable?


Oooh nice. I want one. But...

I have something similar in hot pink plastic which is much sturdier (that is, it won't wear like cardboard and cloth eventually does) and I'm going to re-purpose it now, having read that Moleskine product blurb :)
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What's the brand of yours?

Do you happen to know the brand?
I just REALLY like the idea of a genuine pocket-able item.