Evernote Moleskine

Is anybody using the Evernote Moleskine? What do you think? Are they really that much more "photogenic" than a regular moleskine? They seem to be significantly more expensive, even with the 3 months of Evernote Premium.

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Still not clear to me why

Still not clear to me why one has to use this notebook in particular and not any notebook.
Seems like the PageCamera app that comes with evernote, and is used to take a picture of the page for uploading, should work with any notebook, any paper.

It is co-branding!

Combining well known brand names in an attempt to sell an overpriced or badly designed product that "attractive demographics" will want to get their hands on, anyway, is known as co-branding.

This usually result in the stuff being sold at a deep discount after "the buzz" has died down.

So, if you really love both products, wait a while and you will be able to stock up on the unique stationery!

I have been using the camera

I have been using the camera app to upload to evernote for a while from various different types of paper. It works great. Really the only "Extras" you get are the 3 months of evernote premium and the stickers that will auto categorize for you. I vote "meh".

Great news!

Thanks for that very useful information. I love Evernote and have been eying off the new Evernote Moleskines online (haven't seen them in bricks and mortar stores in my city yet) and waiting for the inevitable price drop.

But in the mean time, knowing the camera app works with any kind of paper is just what I needed to know.

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