Notabilia Question

I noticed a post by Rassmussen on this subject while I was googling for notabilia refills. Levenger sold me the leather cover but now states that i'm screwed for a refill since the product has been discontinued. They didn't offer a refund either. Does anyone know where I can get notabilia refills or equivalent?


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Stock up

It appears to be still being sold on their website. Perhaps you should stock up while you can? I had a hunch with another Levenger product years ago and bought a ton of refills - and sure enough my hunch was right - they discontinued the product. There's not much you can do when you go after someone's non-standard system (which is why I hate planners with multiple rings or odd patterned groupings of ring binders -- but you can't go wrong with things that hold 3x5 cards - looks like they'll be around forever...).

Notabilia refills


I'm sorry this happened. I understand how when purchasing a product, there is an expectation that the refills will continue to be made available from the company. This is what I expect, and I agree with you that it becomes more than an inconvenience.

As I mentioned in the other post, Levenger is planning on continuing the Notabilia notebooks and their refills. I promise to let you know the moment we have received some to send out.

Nonetheless, if you do want to return the product send me an email through my contact sheet (that's why it isn't hidden.)

Let me know what I can do to make it right.
That's a large part of why I'm here.

Notabilia back in stock - make that available for order :)

I was just browsing the Levenger site and saw that the Notabilia notebooks are back in stock. They've also added some cool new side-loading pads and some other items I will no doubt just have to have.

Edit: I just noticed on the order form that they aren't expected to ship until 12/30, so they are available for order, but not yet shipping.

Just received my Notabilia

Just received my Notabilia order (made back in November!). The paper seems the same but the covers aren't reinforced on the inside the way they used to be, nor are the covers made of the same material (the new ones are less rigid). The back cover doesn't have the nifty proofreader's marks chart on it, either. Can't complain too much, though, since I mostly love them for the paper and that seems the same (I say this without having written on them yet). And at least they didn't give up!

Notabilia In-Stock

-We have a ways to go before we're caught up. Nonetheless, thank you for continuing to use the Notabilia line.



So, are Notabilia refills still available? I cannot find them anywhere, including the Levenger site.

Notabilia refills


We received a small batch that did not include the proofreader's page on the back cover. [This supply has since sold out due to the small quantity and big demand]

We are still working to get a full supply of the regular books of which everyone was accustomed. In the interim I would like to help however I can. Do you use grid or ruled?



Ruled. I'm out and using regular plain old paper, ughh!


I too am looking for inserts. I have used for years and just run out. I am currently looking in the office supply book and can't find anything.

I am not partial to lined or grid, either is fine.


Refills for Notabilia leather covers

I use , "the original "Marble Cover-80 sheets", 5x5 quad ruled,by Roaring Spring Paper Products. 9.75"x7.5", number 77227.

They fit perfect. Do not ask me how to find on Web. Very hard.
I get mine during periodic visits to Unniversity of Wisconsin system bookstores.

Now, BTW, most "composition" style cheap notebooks fit, if you do some triming on the tops and bottoms of the cardboard covers.

Google it

Roaring Spring Paper Products. ... Do not ask me how to find on Web. Very hard.

A Google search using "roaring.spring.paper.products" found me about 600 places selling Roaring Spring Paper Products, including Amazon, and some price-comparison sites. A less refined search (took off the word products) found me 11,600. Including what claims to be Roaring Springs' own web site at .

Added later. A Google search for "roaring.spring 77227" found me at least one stockist selling this specific version of composition book.

I'm marking right now and

I wish my students knew how to research like you do.


The secret is ...

Allen Todd's "Finding Facts Fast" might be a good book to start your students on. The last UK edition I saw (10 years ago) mentioned "this new thing called the Internet". ;-)

However, I'm cheating rather a lot as I worked for 25 years in R&D at a software house that produced commercial-grade search engines! :-| (Google is a baby's toy in comparison.)


I have used a Notabilia notebook and binder for over 6 years. I liked the product so much that I bought one for my wife. Unfortunately, Levenger is no longer supporting this product and as a matter of fact, a seach on their site returns no results. I agree with all the statements, when you spend $70 for a leather cover, you EXPECT that the company will continue to make the refils. Since Levenger obviously has no interest in supporting their customers, THIS customer WILL be taking their business ELSEWHERE in the future and informing my friends and colleagues of the same.

Let's not jump ship just yet...

It should be possible to find an alternative. No need to get all nasty and grouchy over this.

First question: What are the dimensions of this Notabilia notebook refill ?

Correct me if I am mistaken, but we are talking about a leather cover for what is basically a Composition Book of high quality writing paper, right ?
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Not quite the same size.

I have the grape Notabilia cover and the regular Comp book is just a tad bigger (taller, not wider) and needs to be trimmed down a bit. (Note that I'm measuring an older Comp Book since I haven't bought one in a while. Maybe there's a shortage of Notabilia notebooks because I keep a goodly supply on hand. ;) )

The large Moleskine cahiers work well, though they are a tad smaller than the Notabilia.

I'm not sure why so much anger by that poster, though. I mean it is just a notebook. Elsewhere on here Ryan has stated that they are having a hard time finding a supplier for them. I did receive a couple about two months ago, to fill a backorder I'd had.

On the other hand, I can understand disappointment because they are a lovely notebook to write in.

ask Ryan

Ryan has gone out his way to help out people on this forum ... :D He's the greatest! Just drop him a note and I'm sure he will help you in whatever way he can.

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Ever consider...

Levenger is no longer supporting this product

Ever consider that Levenger may nnot have control of this ? Maybe the folks that make the notebooks have decided to quit.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Composition Books (to fit Notabilia)

You should find what you need here...

OK, This time I'll include the "here"

And here is 77227

And here is the 77227 notebook another poster said would fit the cover.

proofreader's marks

For the people who mentioned they'd like a list of proofreader's marks, here's a LINK to a very good list that can be printed out and inserted wherever.

If you just want them from time to time as a reference, many dictionaries have them under proofreader. If you're proofing professionally, though, the list above is better.

Notabilia Back In Stock!

If anyone is interested, Notabilia refill notebooks are back in stock on Levengers website. I ordered mine last night...