Supportive Spouse?


Is your spouse supportive of your fiddling with your planner pages/hipster cards/whatever?

My husband laughs at me--I spent a couple of hours working on a design for an accordion file tailor made for 3x5 cards. I got it worked out on paper and built a prototype. He came in to tell me something, saw it, and asked about it. When I explained what it was, he told me I have too much time on my hands.

I have, actually, two different designs for accordion files--one has a giant pocket in the middle (you could insert dividers if you wanted them), and the other is made up of units so the total would be subdivided by permanent pockets--however many you wanted.. I've got half-finished prototypes, but no finished models. I spent two hours on it. Is that 'too much time'?

I recognize that I've spent hours and hours on templates and my binder arrangement and reading time management books..I regard this as a 'hobby' at the moment, and when I get it all worked out the way I like it, I'll go have another hobby and leave this one alone until it's time to print more forms out..

Does your spouse lift an eyebrow at your planner thrashing?


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Confessions of an English Paper-planner...

My first partner was very suportive of my creative endeavours, the second forced me to joining D*I*Y. Lol. Her exact words were "Solid oxygen is a molecular magnet. Do you know this?" I asked her what was the relevance to our conversation and she answered if I did not stop talking about paper pr0n, she would tell me about the rest of the universe... in French :O

As for how much time and money one should spend on paper pr0n, that depends on whether one sees it as a purely organisational tool or as a hobby. For me it take my mind off admin and food for a while and in so doing lets me concentrate on teaching and research... or at least that is what I keep telling myself. ;)

Finally, If you spouse cannot understand you *cough*, I am sure there are plenty of people here who will appreciate your work. Why not put up a few pictures?

Ha Ha!

Thanks, Sardonios.

I just posted a shot of my binder/page protector setup and another shot of my accordion pocket setup. They'll probably get through quarantine in a day or so. :)

Actually, my spouse is very understanding. This hobby is much less expensive than another paper-related hobby I had for a couple of years. That one required specialized cutting equipment that cost a small fortune.

However, he doesn't seem to have the creative soul to appreciate the difference between a plain jane 3x5 and a DIY hipster 3x5. :)

Eh, well, he can cook, clean, and take care of toddler twins. I think I'll keep him. :)


My husband thought my

My husband thought my planner habits were rather odd and at least a little obsessive-compulsive... until I quit keeping a planner for a while. I became a SAHM and thought that I couldn't possibly be busy enough to bother with keeping a planner any more. Boy was I wrong.

Seeing exactly how much I manage to screw up when I'm disorganized, and realizing just how much I did on a daily basis that both of us took for granted made him appreciate my keeping a planner more.

He's actually tried doing so himself, but it didn't work out for him. He isn't allowed to carry anything bigger than a hipster at work, and his handwriting and the hipster's small size are a bad combination.

Now if only he sympathized with my writing-instrument-related idiosyncracies. ;)

The "spice" of life...

Ok sorry, very bad joke... get it, mouse->mice, spouse->spice... I'm getting punchy, it's been a long 3-day week at work!

I figure that my addiction to paper and all things planner related is a pretty innocuous addiction. I mean, I could be doing drugs, or gambling, or something, right? Instead, I just enjoy playing with pieces of paper. Very tame, very safe, relatively inexpensive (until the next Levenger catalog arrives in the mail, that is!).

Ever since I admitted to myself that I have this addiction, and chose instead to consider it a hobby, I'm noticing that all my twiddling of my templates and playing with different setups truly does entertain me. It's a fun, creative, low-stress break from the rest of life. I mean, if I don't get my latest template just right, no one cares, no one yells at me, my pager doesn't go off in the middle of the night insisting that I come in to work to fix it. I just get to spend more time twiddling.

My biggest problem is that there are only two office supply stores in my town, and the employees at each one recognize me now. I have to ration my trips to these stores, otherwise I am sure the employees will either think I am really weird or that I'm starting to case the joint!