Studio717 - Staggered holder for 3x5 cards, front and back

I bought these holders for 3x5 cards years ago. The only name on them says 'Small World Greetings'. They're sized for a half-letter sized 3-ring binder and have slots on both front and back. They appear to be a piece of cardboard sandwiched between two thin sheets of plastic with the vertical lines you see attached to the cardboard while the slanted lines are cuts that are through the plastic layer only. On the left is the holder with 3x5 cards loaded in it.

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Reproducing this Card Holder


I was just thinking about this idea. With my 43 folders in my binder, I wanted one for "today" where I could display today's cards in priority or chronological order. I have a gadget I've made to do that on my desktop, but I thought it would be spiffy to have this in my binder instead, since my binder's always open on my desk.

It occurred to me that this could be easily reproduced with a piece of cardstock and a page protector. I have some page protectors left from setting up my 43 folders, and they're nice heavy Avery prepunched ones. So I think they'd work. Just slide a piece of cardstock into the page protector to give it some stiffness and separate the front from the back, and cut the slots in the pattern shown above. A little bit of double-stick tape down the center would keep the page protector from being too floppy.

I may just have to try that. :)

Thanks for posting the photo!


Photo Corners ?

Could you achieve the same effect with photo corners ?

How about photo corners on a piece of cover/card stock and then put the whole magilla into a top-load sheet protector ?


I think photo corners may be easier, but I am not sure how long they will last? Also, they would allow you to see more of the card... Or I might just try to cut smaller slits in the plastic piece so that they are probably the size of photo corners...

Great ideas - keep 'em coming!

nay nay

Seeing more of the card


Using photo corners to see more of the card isn't an issue, really. Seeing more of the card is all about how many slices you have and how far apart they are.

I made my setup with six slices, so I can see the title of the card and the first two lines beneath as well. The bottom card is totally visible, so I'll be using that for my 'schedule' card.

I considered making my setup with ten slices, which would show only the title of the card, but I thought that would be more fragile. I want durable, so I sacrificed quantity for structure.


Photo Corners


Yes, you could use photo corners. But I find them rather small for the purpose. I actually built a prototype of a photo-corner arrangement when I was fiddling with this idea before. It works, but it's a little picky because they're so small. Dunno if anyone makes any BIG photo corners.

Note: I built a prototype of the page-protector with cardstock middle tonight. It works just dandy. I am a little concerned about longevity because the ends of the slits could tear over time. But we'll see how it goes. This definitely works for cheap, since I got my page protectors $8 for 50..

Stuffing the stock & corners kludge into a page protector would be a loser, in my opinion. Too much fiddling to get the thing in and out to be really a high-traffic item. I want this arrangement for planning my day, every day. If I was only using it to showcase project priorities--something that changes less often--it might be worthwhile.


Library pockets

What did you think about putting library pockets on the inside of a notebook or on plastic tabbed dividers? You can buy them online, for example:

Or make your own:

Here is an idea for a booklet of library pockets:


Library pocket booklet


That library pocket booklet is a pretty cool idea.

In my own planner iteration, I'm moving away from one-card-per-task just because it requires such a wad of cards. I never did come up with a set of slash pockets like the one pictured that would be as durable as the one pictured.

It just occurred to me that if I really felt like having a larger view of my stuff, I could take a piece of chipboard and punch rollabind holes on both long edges, stick rings in, then use that for my 'big view' just by pulling pages out of my notebook and sticking them to the chipboard 'binding'.. If I could figure out how to punch out ring holes down the center of the board too, then it could really be a big view.

Hm. I wonder if I really want to pursue that. :)