Binder with Plastic Pockets

This is one of my planner iterations. This one uses page protectors as the 'tickler' and schedule in one. I bought a box of 50 Avery protectors (this is Classic size) and tabbed them with ordinary self-stick tabs.

I've got the 43 folders needed for the tickler plus seven more as 'projects' and 'in'. Not all of them are in use at the moment.

This photo shows the binder open to one of the project pages. I've got a Classic size project form in the pocket along with some 3x5 cards I'd taken some notes on. One card shows signs of becoming a 'snap-in' card, with holes and notches.

I like color, so I use it in the paper. Yellow paper for project pocket labels, neon 3x5 cards for important or urgent stuff.


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I love this set up! Looks professional and carries everything you need! Can I ask where you found the classic size sheet protectors?

Thanks for posting the pic - I have been intrigued by your posts and wanted to see what you had been up to!

Thanks again,
nay nay

Hi nay nay. The protectors

Hi nay nay.

The protectors are Avery protectors. I found them online using a price-comparison web site. The lowest price was $8.40 from when I searched. The Avery number is AVE75201 and lots of sites seem to carry it, though I couldn't find it on the Avery website itself.

The protectors are pre-punched with seven holes, which was really spiffy for me. And they're big enough to hold several folded letter pages and about 8 or 10 more index cards besides. So I've got a lot of room in any given pocket to put all the stuff that day requires.



Awesome! Thanks shris. Having the Avery # helps in the search and thanks for letting me know where you found them. I think I will be submitting my order right now!

Thanks again!
nay nay