Homemade Accordion Hipster

This is another one of my planner iterations. Still trying to figure out which one I like.

This one features an accordion pocket I made myself (2 sheets of paper and 2 sheets of card stock along with glue stick). Inside the pocket are the tickler/schedule cards (in the front) and the blank form cards (in the back).

I haven't yet integrated a contacts list, the project list, etc. I'm trying to decide if I even want to go down this path any further considering how fat this is already--1.5 inches when squished. But I might end up using this for spare cards even if I don't make the pocket into my planner.

The pocket itself will open up to 5 inches deep. I made the lid long enough to fit the entire distance plus a little overlap. When empty and squished, it's a little less than half an inch thick. I made it wide enough inside so that an index card will fit between the 'ribs' even when the accordion is totally squished. This means the accordion doesn't have to be wide open to accommodate cards. It also means the front and back covers could be reasonable staging areas for whatever index card needs to be showing.

I haven't integrated a closure into the accordion. Right now a rubber band is about as elegant as it gets. But it would be simple enough to attach a satin ribbon with a bit of hot glue or slots.

I use another bit of cardstock the same size as the front cover as a divider inside--it goes in the 'trough' between the ribs, no glue needed. You could glue dividers in if you wanted.

I'm very pleased with the way the pocket came out. It's neat and simple and relatively quick and easy to make. Making my own would give me the flexibility to use a patterned paper or heavier board for the covers. I also have total control over how many segments my accordion should have (this one has five).

If you want to know how to make your own accordion, or your own 'expanding' pocket, let me know and I'll see if I can post my template and some directions.


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template plz

Hey Shris,
If you get a chance, I would love to see a template for this :o) It looks marvelous!

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Someone else posted a template that's similar to this--hers just had dividers in it while mine is open in the center.

I've got the template I used for myself, I just haven't polished the instructions or taken the pictures yet. The process is the same between the other posted accordion and mine--mine just has all the crazy folds on one solid piece of paper.

I will see if I can polish up the directions and get some pix taken.


Thanks :o)

I will have to look at the other link that Sard passed my way... I'm sure I can figure it all out.

So you don't worry about wasting time for me :o)
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I made an expanding pocket

I made an expanding pocket very much like this one, and have some photos on my website showing the stages, though I have not written up a description yet. There is a folding diagram that may help.

Words but no pictures


For my part, I have written three pages of instructions on how to fold this little doohickey using letter size paper and cardstock (several pieces glued together). But I have no pictures.

If you think it's OK without pictures, I'll post the template and instructions without any step-by-step photos.