Morgenstern Partners with Franklin Covey

I was surprised to see Julie Morgenstern is partnering with Franklin Covey for a full range of products and time/life management methodologies. The range will include a paper system. I do not live in North America but I am a bit surprised- my perception has been that Franklin Covey is a bit of a spent force and Morgenstern has tons of fans. Can you imagine David Allen ever partnering with Franklin Covey?????

The link to the announcement is below.

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I would not have thought that Franklin Covey was a 'spent force'.. But I do think Morgenstern is probably on the rise.

Covey continues to put out new stuff all the time, revise the product lines, etc. They're a fairly standard choice in the business world, I think.

I saw the Morgenstern planner/bag set that Covey already has. I considered buying the refill briefly. But honestly I like my own implementation of her system better than theirs. I was kind of surprised at the way they implemented it. It seems rather dull, honestly.

Actually, all the planner pages printed commercially end up rather dull in my mind. I remember drooling over the blue marble pattern..what was it called, it was named after Franklin's home, M-something. Anyway, I thought it would be so beautiful and classy.. And when I finally bought it, I remember being disappointed that the marble pattern was the same on every page! :) Silly me, I suppose.

I like the format here--it doesn't pretend to be exciting or sexy or funny or cute, it's utilitarian with a bit of classy style. It doesn't get old or ugly because it's not trying to be more than it is.


"Utilitarian with a bit of classy style"

Heh, I guess that's on the mark. When I first started producing the kits (née the GTD Planner), I had all kinds of very elaborate designs, harkening back to my sexy graphic design days. (To clarify, I should point out that I endeavoured to create sexy designs, and was not, myself, innately sexy.) I had black, gold and scarlet red. I had Apple Chancery titles, curved boxes, dash-dot-dash lines, and even a subtle compass-style background. It looked pretty good on the screen. It was not, however, very beautiful when printed on the office laser printer. Egad, it was a murky, half-tone, filigree mess.

The boring look of the DiyP has certainly evolved a little, but you're right: first consideration is a staid but utilitarian look that should never feel "old". Second consideration is that it prints well on some 200 of the most common printers. Neither of these came easily, but it's finally there, I think.

Of course, one of these days you'll see the D*I*Y Planner storybook version, with little dancing imps atop the titlebars, tiny fairies with butterfly wings and bluebell hats traipsing amidst the calendars, and little smiling gnomes holding up the checkboxes. At that time, you'll know that my wife has taken over the project, and I'm most likely locked in the car trunk.

all my best,


Doug - you just make me smile!
Thanks for the morning laugh!
nay nay

Franklin Allen

Scary thought, really. A Franklin planner with GTD references throughout? I don't know, though. Allen's approach seems to be less tool-oriented and more cerebral, at least from what I've seen from the guy. Morgenstern and Covey both seem to love slogans, so they fit well with a company that puts a slogan at the top of practically every page they print. Allen's slogans and tabs would seem too banal: "write it down," "inbox," "next actions," etc. Heck, "actionable" is a legal term! Nothing exciting about any of that; they're all well-defined, commonly used words that most people familiar with office lingo will understand.
(Incidentally, I hate slogans and catch phrases. Can't we say things in our own words?)

Cerebral? *cough*

Have you read all the way through Allen's book yet? 'Procedural' may be a better word. ;) I remember someone accusing Covey of being too academic. I laughed so hard I feared my heart might stop. Try to remember not to take anything you read in a self-help book or purchase from a self-help site too serious. Read the sites, ask your lecturers what they use, then adapt things to meet your own needs and if in doubt remember shiny black resin goes with anything. :P

Shiny black resin? I'm

Shiny black resin? I'm confused.

My Precious (Resin)...

Lol, Allen recommends one gets a 'cool' pen to write out the next action and as we all know there are only two pens worthy of a lawyer; the Montblanc 149 and the smaller 146. Both now made from 'precious resin'. ;)

Franklin Covey has a global

Franklin Covey has a global company and some may say expensive, over complicated and ineffectual products filled with buzzwords culled from academic journals. Morgenstern has followers an interesting system and stunning good looks... It looks like a 'marriage' made in heaven to me. ;)

Can I imagine Allen joining the Franklin Covey stable? Letts bought Lefax, Filofax and Microfile; Sanford own Eberhard Faber, Parker, rotring, Uni-ball, Waterman, etc. Far larger enterprises than David Allen and Co.

Is D*I*Y sexy? I would say yes, very much so. Imagine the Combined Action Template housed in a sleek black leather binding. Slender fingers tenderly caress one's übersexy fountain pen.. Their name and phone number gleam as the blue black ink starts to dry... Then you realise she has purloined one's pen so one has to ring to get it back. :O

Enough of paper pr0n, my greater concern is that MeadWestvaco may capture Doug and ship him and the 'precious' off to America... ;)

Tracking device

Crap, you're right! Doug, we need you to wear a radio collar or something so that we can rescue you in case you're kidnapped like Sardonios was fretting.