2007 Templates?

I'm new here and the site looks great, but I'd like to set up a system for the new year - all the templates here are 2005/2006. Will anyone be updating with new templates for 2007? I'm looking for a letter size planning system. Thanks so much!

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2007 Calendars

The 2007 templates are in process, and are about half-done. As you can probably imagine, working with all those little mini-months is rather painstaking. I'm also hoping that a volunteer will help create daily dated calendars (using an OOo macro), so cross your fingers.

I should note that the 2007 calendars will appear in full months in Classic and A5 formats, with the usual yearly calendar for the hPDA set. There's also some yearly planning forms in the pipe.

As for letter size, I'm afraid that this will have to wait for another volunteer, as I have my hands full doing all the other versions. If anyone has a lot of patience and time on their hands to make a D*I*Y Planner 3.5 letter-size calendar, please drop me a line via my contact form (click on my name atop this comment). Adobe Illustrator experience is a must. It would probably take a couple days of straight work to create a letter-size set of calendar forms, given my Classic forms as a base.

all my best,

Hey. Hey! Over here!

Doug, I'm a huge fan of the whole DIY philosophy, and so I volunteer each DIYer to make his or her own dated pages!

Hah, just kidding. Actually, I have been doing a bit of work with your widgets, and if you're interested, I already have next month in its entirety on a dated daily notes page. I'll warn you ahead of time, though: it's in 4.25x6.75 inch format. Unfortunately, I'm not good with macros, so I've had to figure out how to do it by hand and using tabulated formulas (for the months, you know.) So if you want a 2-page-per-day format, drop me a line and I'll return with a PDF sample.


BTW, I took your advice on David Allen's book, GTD. The strategy is really good; I feel more on top of work and school than I have since August.

Resize using Acrobat

One thing I'd like to note for the sake of everyone who is frustrated with the lack of certain sizes and formats in these templates is that you can work around that drawback with surprising ease when you know a bit about adding different paper formats to your printer settings.

Unfortunately I only know the Windoze procedure for this, but I assume that every printing facility that's worth its salt will, regardless of its supporting platform, allow the user to create custom sizes. So if you're like me and you want to print these wonderful and useful templates on odd-sized or otherwise problematic paper, you can create/select a custom setting for the spooler system, set Acrobat to "fit to page" in the print dialogue, and milagro! Sizing problem solved.

In most cases the only remaining problem (for those of us fortunate enough to have sharp eyes) is a bit of extra margin on either the sides or the top and bottom of the printed sheet, but this is most likely negligible.

I highly recommend that anyone wanting to create a DIY planner learn some printing tricks. It will pay off sooner than you think.

Volunteer here

I am tinkering with dynamic pages in various formats. My best efforts to date are with a library for manipulating PNG type graphic files.

I'm on a Mac and I have not been able to get the OOo Macro environment to work.

Contact me offline and I'll send some samples of progress to date.

Week at glance

Hi! I am working on a A5 two-pages week at glance using the DIYPlanner widgets. It's not finished yet because of the same: you have to write 365 boxes with it's nummbers inside. I would like to share the firsts pages to get feedback about the style. Is it possible to attach a file in this forum? Anyway, I'm specting hollidays soon so I hope to have time to finish it up :)

Scaling works fine in

Scaling works fine in Acrobat for Macintosh or Windows. If you want to print the Classic format calendars in an 8.5 x 11 format, just choose "Fit to Printer Margins" on the Page Scaling drop down in the Acrobat print menu.

You'll end up with a 1-1/4 inch margin on the hole side and 1" margin on the other side of the page.



I chose to use a A4 planner as I believe that it will be easier in regards to printing and everything (plus I already have a folder) so I'm just using the A5 templates and scaling them and they look really good!

Compact/RunningMate size

Hi all!
I have yet to experiment with this, hopefully tomorrow [12/27/06], I'll hope to see if changing the percentage size of a PDF file would do the 'trick'.
I'll let ya'll know. . .
O. J.

UPDATE!!! Very bad idea, I had. Simply doesn't work! I have down-loaded & printed off the January 2007 Compact 'dailies', so as soon as someone can, 'post' the February sheets, PLEASE!

Thank you to Doug, and to all the DIY workers!!!