Planning Discoveries

Since I found this site here are some things I have found

1. They sell Index Cards With holes allready in them in a 2 ring binder at Wal-Mart. I'm not sure if you can get it on-line but its in the brick&mortar store.

2. You can print your outlook calendar in any format you want. Weekly daily, monthly... You can also print to any size you want, including A5,and custom.

3. You can buy memo sized 3 ring binders at Staples, they take 8.5X5.5 pages. (this is classic sized here)

4. ALSO at wal-mart (probably a lot of stores) have 8.5X5.5 ruled paper with 3 holes allready in it if you are going to do a search on it its probably called memo sized. Its by mead it cost around $2.

5. This site is a really good idea, and people have put a lot of work into this, thanks

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