Don't panic. We now return to our regularly scheduled DIYPlanner.

We seem to have encountered a Drupal/database bug today that stemmed from deleting those nasty shoe spammers. As a result, the site was unavailable for an hour or so.

Thanks to our resident Drupal guru, eric Farris, the bug was quickly addressed and the site made functional again. Our deepest appreciation goes out to eric (yet again), and to the many members who emailed us to report the errors.

Update: We spoke too soon. Anonymous users cannot see content; only authorized users (members) can. We're working on it.

Update 2: Working again. (Cross fingers.)

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Hurrah! for eric...

It is working again... and yes I checked before I logged in. ;)

It's about the French

Didn't the term sabotage have to do with shoes mucking up the machine?

Okay Don't all pelt me with your planners at once.