Business card sized pocket briefcase?

Does anyone know if one can get business card sized pocket briefcases? I like the idea of the 3x5 card holders from Levenger (and other companies) but they are too large to fit in my pocket, so they end up lying on my desk instead of being available when I need them. I saw their card wallet writer but it's expensive and also looks like it might be kind of thick. Also, this item would require just the right size pen to fit inside it somehow... more shopping!

Anybody got any ideas?

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biz card size

I know eastgate has one, but it is around $50... I have not seen it in person, but it looks really nice!

Or, how about this one at eBags: Link.

nay nay

Wouldn't a normal

Wouldn't a normal billfold/credit card wallet work? Business cards are similar size to credit cards, and you wouldn't have to worry about the expense of a specialist wallet. Just add a wallet sized pen and you're away.

It might work

But I would like my cards to be held, like they are in the Pocket Briefcases. I'm considering using a knife on a credit card holder and see what I end up with, but it might be kludgy...

biz card size

A few ideas if you are going to start cutting up a billfold...
1) If you found a billfold with a clear id pocket on the front on the inside fold, you could cut out the clear part...
2) If not clear pocket, you could do the same to the front most pocket - just cut a box out that is big enough to write notes on your paper...
3) Or, instead of making these big cuts, what about just cutting four small slits for each corner of your paper. I diagnoal small slit in each corner...

best of luck,
nay nay

Levenger Card Wallet Writer / Quest for the perfect mini-pen

shb: So what would you think about a tiny shirt pocket briefcase that holds business cards? (Sounds intriguing) Do you think it might work?

The options for pens are somewhat limited. At Levenger, my employer, we sell the Silvertini pen that can clip within all of our wallet writers. It's the perfect size, but being made of sterling silver it comes at a price that reflects the material.

It is tricky to find a small pen that still writes comfortably. I know that the Rotring telescoper is a pretty good alternative. Lamy Pico's would be a nice complement, but they're a little too robust for a card wallet.

Any other suggestions for good mini-pens?

Mini Pocket Briefcase

shb: So what would you think about a tiny shirt pocket briefcase that holds business cards? (Sounds intriguing) Do you think it might work?

Yes, that's exactly what I'm looking for! I don't suppose you have such a critter? I'd be happy to "beta test" one for you! :D

I've drooled over the silvertini pen, believe me. It looks perfect... they should make one out of stainless or something so that us regular folks can afford it.

One place I like to get pens is Jet Pens. They have a lot of neat pens, including mini pens and pencils. Also quite inexpensive.

,,,And Matching Pen...

Hmmm, do you mean available new? Pilot's Birdie range isn't that bad. and the cartridge/converter pen looks not unlike a Montblanc Noblesse or a Sheaffer Targa (If one squints in a dimly lit room). Available as as a cartridge/converter, ballpoint, pencil or pen/pencil combo.

The Zebra Expandz and Pocket Pen. Both ballpoints, the Expandz telescopes, not unlike rotring's Esprit Mini only cheaper.

The Pelikan Souverän M 300 Available as a fountain pen, pencil or ball point. These are nice pens for the money. I own two M 600 and I have just purchased a M 400 for a graduation present. While not the smoothest of nibs, they handle cheap paper better than my old Lamy 2000 and they do look the part.

The Filofax mini pens represent very poor value for money, best avoided in my opinion.

BTW Ryan, if you want shb to beta your Mini Pocket Briefcase would it not make sense to let her test the Silvertini pen too? :)

Mini-pen with a parker refill

;) Well, we don't have a mini-shirt pocket brief yet.
I'll post a comment if it develops.

I'm also thinking it might be nice to carry an alternative to the all sterling silver pen.
- something small that would take a parker ballpoint/gel refill -

I think the Pelikan M 300's are great too. I'm pretty fond of their translucent orange. However, my personal favorite would be the mini Caran d'Ache ecridors. Part of the value of this particular pen is really just perceived; I like to imagine the landscape around their factory in Geneva as an integral element to the function of the pen.

If I can build a compelling story around a pen, notebook, etc, I usually end up liking it much more.

A Pen (joke) Too Far...

Nice choice. The Ecridor XS reminds me of Poriot; the Orient Express and the opulence of the twenties and thirties. Have you seen Yard-O-Lead's offerings? Not cheap but very tasteful. However as per your request for an affordable pen. What about the Lamy 'Agenda' ball-point or pencil? Small, affordable and if one slips inside a hipster case it becomes a 'hidden Agenda' :D

Bad joke!

Oooooooooooooooh that joke was so bad, I'm still snorting soda out my nose!

The Ecridor looks very nice... probably too nice for my tastes. Lamy Agenda is a possibility, but may still be too large. Ah well, half the fun is the hunt for the right product!


Mini-Shirt Pocket Brief

Submitted by Rasmussen on Thu, 2006-11-16 07:43.:

Well, we don't have a mini-shirt pocket brief yet.
I'll post a comment if it develops.

You'll find the new briefcase on the web and in the new catalog by the end of the month. And yes, we included the walletini pen within a little pocket. ;)

Thank you, Sarah, for the terrific feedback and encouragement.

There is a terrific amount of creativity here. Keep those great ideas coming.



That's good news!!

Beta testing the mini pocket briefcase

BTW Ryan, if you want shb to beta your Mini Pocket Briefcase would it not make sense to let her test the Silvertini pen too? :)

Sardonios, you are my hero!!!

Nice mini pens at Office Depot

In the planner section they had several mini pens (on the top shelf of the Franklin Covey section). A couple of them looked very professionsl, and on one the cap end was a pda stylus. And there was a nice Pilot thin pen that would fit in binder loops for about $35--it was matte black and I really wanted it, but am resisting.

Also at Office Depot, the Blue Notes (?) line--they have a small notebook with a nice-looking mini pen, both for about $7. I almost bought the notebook just for the pen. Or two, to get two pens.

How about the Zebra telescopic?

I saw one of these today, at our receptionist's desk, to my surprise. It telescopes down to a very handy size, but because it's not too thin, it's probably more comfortable. Dunno who sells it.

Remember, no matter where you go, there you are.
B. Banzai

Mini PB

Hey, I just came across this but I sure don't need 50 of them!

But I found this one too... $17, I dunno.

Preprinted biz card size notecards

I saw the card writer and wallet writers Levenger has. Cool idea. They also have biz card size notecards preprinted with lines on one side and a grid on the other.
300 Wallet Cards
Price: $18

I guess if you can figure out how to print them yourself, you could do that too.

Remember, no matter where you go, there you are.
B. Banzai

Card writer

I saw those cards, Walter, on Levenger's site. That's what got me started looking for the pocket briefcase - I figured Levenger HAD to have that if they went to the trouble of creating the cards. But no such luck.

They used to...


Levenger briefly had a card holder made for business size cards, but I can't find it either. Maybe Rasmussen could comment on that?

They still sell the cards that were intended for that card holder:
Personal Cards, Palm Size (set of 250)
Price: $68

Remember, no matter where you go, there you are.
B. Banzai

Business card holder in jade, tangerine, fuschia and black

You're right. We carried it for awhile in tandem with its 3x5 counterpart.

However, it didn't have the kind of notetaking surface present in a 3x5 holder. The business card holder was almost identical to our Victory Card Case with color choice the obvious exception.

The leather had a pretty soft pebbled grain. Even if we could track one down, I don't think it would hold up to the kind of mod'ing described earlier.

Victory card case

I looked at the Victory card case, and you're right, it doesn't have the writing surface thingy like the pocket briefcases. Close, but no cigar. Even modding a department store type credit card holder isn't quite going to do it - one really needs the bands at the top and bottom to hold the cards in place, but not on the sides, so that it is easy to remove and replace cards.

It sure would be nice, for me, if such a critter as a Mini Pocket Briefcase had some way to carry a small or tiny pen. Like, maybe the Silvertini pen, of which I become more enamored every day. Sigh. Either a loop or a slip pocket like the Pen Pocket Briefcase. I just need a magic wand to shrink the existing pocket briefcases down to size!


Biz Card Size at Levenger

How about the: Men's Wallet Writer? (This is different than the card wallet writer)

Men's Wallet Writer Price: $58 Item:AL9090 This leather wallet comes with its own note cards
Our Men’s Wallet Writer holds credit cards and currency, and comes with our Wallet cards, which are the size of a business card but better for note-taking. They have a grid on one side and are ruled on the other, for greater efficiency. Inside is a convenient built-in writing platform. Traditional billfold style4 credit card slotsStash pockets for Wallet CardsDouble currency pocketComes with 50 Wallet CardsSmooth, full-grain leather4¾"W x½"D x 3½"H

Bigger... more expensive...

Thanks Nay Nay. I had a look at that, but it's bigger and more expensive than the card wallet writer, and I'm going for small and relatively inexpensive.

I keep waiting for Levenger to make me a tiny pocket briefcase... sigh...


business card organizer

Here's what I did. I printed cards out on business card stock using the Walleteer templates found at:

As a case, I use an aluminum case that I found at Borders for $2.99. It looks like this one:

For a pen to slip inside, I've used one from a pico pad. See:

As a substitute for the pen, I've found pen refills the exact same size, around which I can glue a couple of pieces of paper for "wings" (to make the pen easy to grasp and easy to keep in the wallet.

So I just tuck the wings on the pen into the cards at the top of my aluminum carrier. If anyone cares, I could add a picture.

Good options

That's a good option, cdiem (carpe diem?). I'd already designed my own business card size templates in MS Publisher, but finding a secure way to carry them around is the hard part. I have one of those aluminum cases, and lots of the pen refills for my multipen(s) but the refill by itself is too small for me to handle comfortably. I need something I can carry around in my pocket (most of my pants only have front pockets) that is easy to grab and be jotting on in short order.

I think a mini pocket briefcase would be perfect. For it to hold a couple of cards at the top and bottom like the 3x5 pocket briefs do, and have another slot for extra cards would be great. A pen loop might add too much bulk to it, so I'd have to sort out how I wanted to carry a pen. If the mini pocket brief had a small loop or hole, then I could attach a mini pen like this one which is tiny and cheap and easy to replace if I lose it.

Ah, the quandaries... :)

Fobster Size Pocket Briefcase...

Hi Sarah

How about a Rolfs ID with keyring with the plastic window removed, and a Zebra 'Mini Pen'?

Getting closer

Getting closer, Sardonios!

Sardonis - good idea!

I like this idea! I think I will be implementing this for a place to jot notes while running around town!

Keep 'em coming!

nay nay

The Rolfs ID holder is a

The Rolfs ID holder is a very cool idea!

Buxton Index Card Holder...

I love my Buxton Index Card Holder I got from Staples for $9.99us ... I bought both the holder and the Buxton Pocket Organizer (though I promptly removed the dinky post-it like tabs and crappy sample forms in favor of my hipster forms...)

I typically carry the card holder in my shirt pocket every day and it serves as my note jotter,etc.

The Pocket organizer houses my Hpda + a Cheap Mead 30 cent spiral flipbook style notepad from wal-mart...) This stays in my left hip pocket with my fisher bullet pen (which was a tight squeeze in the stingy loop on this unit, though they give you a hinner pen to get going with that fits fine).

These two items keep me from having to carry my classic size planner at least 50% of the time, though it is still hard to leave the big guy behind so I mostly keep it close by in the car or briefcase since it holds my primary calender + spare forms and active projects...

The other item that I could not live without is my mead index card case that I bought at Office Depot for $3.99US... I can't find it on mead's web site but it holds 100 3x5 cards in a canvas covered open ended box which has an elastic band to secure the stack of cards (in my case mostly preprinted hipster notecards and project forms to refill my buxton card holder from) They (mead) make a smaller plastic unit that holds 50 cards or so that would fit in the inside pocket of a sport jacket but it comes in cheezy neon colors... The 100 count box is much more useful and lives in my briefcase or the extra cupholder of my truck when working on the road...

I really would feel lost without any one of these three items now that I have integrated them into my workflow... I consider them just as essential as my main classic size planner...


Half Size 3x5 Cards

I have also seen 3x5 cards made by Oxford a Wal-Mart for about $1.50us that are perfed to tear in half. They come with a binder ring and pre-punched corner... I bought some thinking I'd find a use for hem but sill have not done much with them :( My wife thinks they would make good flash cards...

Also, I ment to say that all the index card suff at Office Depot is hidden back in school supplies which is often in the back of the store all the way across from planners and business supplies (at least in my store).

In my staples the Buxton products were on the same isle with the High end planners and travel supplies... I did have to search but managed to find both models in black or brown leather though if you like pale blue and pink you will be pleased as that seems to be the ones no one ever buys...


Origami to the rescue

I finally got a brainstorm, and remembered an origami pattern I had called a "coin purse". It's really an envelope folded from letter sized paper and ends up being the right size for business cards. I cut two slots in the outside of it to hold my cards a la Pocket Briefcase style and voila! It'll do until something better comes along.

Here it is
And here is the front


Mini Jotter


Bosca Leather has a mini jotter that goes for around $20. Here is a description: Handsome Old Leather Mini Jotter is compact and ideal for jotting things down whenever the situation may arise. Expertly crafted in supple black leather, Mini Jotter has a card holder on one side for 2 x 3-1/2 inch cards and a sleeve on the other side for additional cards. Mini Jotter is 4-inches wide and 2-1/2 inches high and comes with a set of lined 2 x 3-1/2 inch cards.

Here is a photo: link.

I imagine you could get some business card stock and print your own custom cards.

Keep us posted.

Right on!

Now that's what I'm looking for, tutusue. Good find!


Right on!

Yah, I just ordered one for myself! :)

Out of stock?

Hey tutusue, I just called Luggagesource and they said they don't have any more of these. Were you successful in obtaining one?


Admiring your Perseverance

I like a woman that knows what she wants. Here's hoping you find it. Cheers!

Found It!

I found it at Expecting delivery tomorrow. I hope they have one for you, too :)

Bless you!

Well bless your little heart! I think I may order one for research purposes (of course)!


wallet sized notebook

checkout at

I use it all the time

looks like something you're talking about...

what about this?

i actually ordered one last week...will let you know how it works out.

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Briefcase Business Card Holders

Hey guys.

I have some, if you want to buy them please contact me:


P.s for £6.99 each! A bargain, you chose black or brown!

small pen

This company in Japan makes small, thin pens and 0.5mm mechanical pencils meant to fit in short or tall wallets.

If you're looking for such a pen/cil, it might be worth seeing if JetPens (or your local Japanese stationery store, if you have one in your area) has these in stock or if they could special order them.

Pocket Brief case

I am also looking for a leather pocket jotter that can take CC or business cards. I have one by Coach bought in 1990 but needs replacing Coach no longer make it. Mont Blanc makes something similar but it is smaller (and grossly overpriced) The Levenger shirt pocket brief case is the nearest thing that I have found and waiting to see if they supply to UK.Does anyone have further suggestions please

Take a memo...

In the UK? Smythson sell the Memo Wallet, Pocket Memo (with metal corners) and Pocket Memo (plain) Price are between £95 and £135. Now what was that you said about Montblanc? ;)

Card jotter

I just repurposed a Tumi luggage tag for this purpose. Its actually pretty good. Just got rid of the clear plastic and voila. I jam a small zebra pen into it (bought from a japanese stationary store).

Business card sized pocket briefcase

My wife bought me a business card size pocket briefcase which now has replaced my wallet. It is made by coach and carries all my credit cards and business cards. I couldnt live without it. take a look.