Left-handed needs help

I'm left-handed and find it a pain to write on the pages to the right side of a three ring binder. What do you other lefties do? Do you not write on that side / do you take the pages out of the binder to write / do you turn the binder 180 degrees to write there / do you use a smaller ringed binder?

I want the looseleaf for flexibility of adding pages for GTD NA's, projects,etc., and want to use both sides of the paper to save space and paper. (Circa sounds fun, but is expensive and maybe a bit fussy to take out and add to.)

Thanks for any ideas or suggestions.

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There is a Left-Handed Weekly Calendar in the templates! That is all I know of at the moment, though.

Best of luck
nay nay

Raises Left Hand

I'm a lefty as well and I honestly prefer the HipsterPDA to fit not only my planner preference but my writing life as well. The 3-ring binders that I used to use only hampered my style as I conflicted with the rings. I hated having to curve my wrist around to get beyond the binder rings or eschew my penmanship just to make everything fit.

But honestly, I recommend that you print out and give the index card planners a try. Hipsters are freeing and allow ambidextrous users to find the style that fits their own needs. But as one astute reader's already pointed out, there are some good left handed templates out there.


Plastic Page Lifter


I'm not a lefty, but I have a similar issue writing on the schedule portion of my old two-page-per-day setup. What I usually did was this:

In my binder, I have stiff plastic page lifters on both sides of the paper stack--one in the front, one in the back.

I would use my opposite hand (my left) to lift up the hard-plastic page lifter so the paper stack would be even with the top of the rings instead of the rings sticking up above the paper. This helps, but it's a bit of a balancing act. I think a small paperback novel would work better as a support beneath the paper stack to get it up away from the interference of the rings.

Franklin Covey used to have some sort of swing-out notepad deal that would move the page you were writing on well away from the rings. That was for paper pads, though, not the ringbound stuff.

Now I get around it by not using hole-punched paper. :) I use index cards or unpunched paper and a big stack of page protectors instead. :) So I write on my desk instead of my binder.


Good ideas

Thanks for the quick replies!

I have been using FC's 2 page per day Pocket planner for a few years. Now I want to have Classic size paper to write on. The only part I need to be portable is monthly planning calendar pages and satellite cards for errands. I'm working on a two days per page/four pages per week planner section. Someone had to do it. That will be spiral bound in one or two booklets.

Cards seem too loose to me, not that I've tried them! And 3x5 too small.

For the loose leaf stuff I'm leaning toward either binder clips, page protector sleeves, or a small diameter 3 ring binder. I haven't found one in classic size, so I might cannabilize my old 5/8" ringed FC Pocket size binder and make a Classic binder out ot it, and punch six holes centered on the bigger Classic size paper.

Any other ideas?

Types of left-handedness

We lefties have an amazing variety of writing methods. I'm an underwriter, so the rings don't really cause me much of a problem. Doug's "Notes" pages have a shaded margin on the left which also helps me start my writing a little farther to the right. Sometimes I wonder if I would prefer a wider margin.

Do you procrastinate?

If you're reluctant to try

If you're reluctant to try out the hPDA, do what I do: there's two copies of each form in the PDFs, in case you want to print double-sided pages. Use the second copy of each form (the margin for punching holes will be located on the right side). After you print, cut, and punch the forms, the printed side will be on the "back" of the page. Which means you won't have to fight with the binder for space.

You might have to set your planner up so it starts from the back instead of the front, so it still flows. You mentioned you still wanted to be able to use both sides, so you can still use the blank side for notes/lists/brainstorming/etc if needed. That defeats the point of not wrestling with the binder, though. I guess there isn't much you can do about that, unless you rotate the binder 90 degrees and write that way (I find that even small binders get in the way).

Either that, or find someone template-savvy to create landscape-oriented templates.

These are the only things I can think of if you still want to stick with using a binder. Otherwise, the Hipster PDA is your best option.

I'm a lefty, too, and this helps for me

Hi, Doug

I find that getting the planner pages spiral bound has solved most of my lefty problems (at least those of writing in my planner--the rest of the world is still against me!). I hold paper perpendicular, so I'm writing from top to bottom. So binders are hard to use. The solution I've stumbled on is to use the spiral bound planner for notes and calendar, which covers most of my writing needs. The spiral is small enough, it doesn't project up much above the pages, so it's easy to write on either side of the book.

Then I have a 3-ring classic binder with a slot inside the front cover that my planner cover can slip into in case I want to combine everything.

The binder has pocket pages in it for things I want to carry around, and I can also punch holes in things I want to keep permanently. But without planning it or thinking much about it, I've developed the habit of just not writing on hardly any of the pages punched and kept in my binder--just in the planner.

If I need to make notes, they go into the planner with the spiral binding.

Which has the additional benefit that I can go to the planner to look up any notes I need to refer back to--they're all bound up in that planner, so there's only one place to search.

My calendar pages are on the left-hand side of the binder, a week to a page, and the facing page is the notes page, which is the back of the next week's calendar. So I'm using both sides of the paper and it's easy to print out and get in order.

You could bind up some NA pages, project pages, etc, and create a booklet of them, that you could slip into your planner or binder. Then when you needed to take it out, or write on it, it wouldn't be fixed into the binder--that would be more flexible, and you wouldn't have to carry the planner around. You would just print the pages in letter-sized, 2 to a page, landscape orientation and staple them down the middle--would just require a long-neck stapler, which is very handy to have around and gives you so much flexibility--and some heavier paper for the cover to provide some longevity. There are so many interests which would make a booklet like this handy--a journal, reading list, medical issues like doctor visits and keeping up with prescriptions--which I don't want in my planner in case I leave it behind and someone snoops into my personal business.

Another advantage to the stapled booklet is that you could pull the staple and disassemble the booklet, add pages and re-staple--it's all under your control. What I don't quite like about this is that if I want to remove a page, it's attached to another page in the other half of the booklet. But I just cut the page I don't want out, not at the fold in the center, but about a quarter-inch from the center, leaving a margin for the staple, and if I were really obsessive I could paste another page to the margin tag left in the booklet. But I'm not that careful or obsessive, or thorough, or whatever.


My (partial) solution

Good ideas. Thanks.

What I've done is design a two part system, all classic size. The planner is 2 days per page that I'm going to spiral bind (maybe six months per binding). With seven days in a week this leaves one vertical column to the left of Monday for the week's notes/planning.

The second part is a 3-ring binder with 7/8" rings. Not too big, and if they bother me on the right hand pages I can take them out to write on. This is for NA lists, projects lists, etc.

I've got it designed, just need to produce all the pages and enter the info.

Btw, after flubbing around for a while I figured out how to date the planner pages in Filemaker. Very cool. Anyone use Filemaker for this stuff?