podcasts and/or audiobooks

I recently got a new ipod and now I want to use it well. I like the idea in doug's post about multi-tasking, and since I travel three hourgs by bus daily I could use some nice things to listen to.

I am looking for recommendations for podcasts and/or audiobooks. Specific titles or websites would be nice, as well as guidelines for how to find podcasts. I tried to use google, but that gave way too many results to look through them all.

Topics I would be interested in include most of the topics of this website, such as journaling and time management. Also things like history, science and philosophy. Very broad categories, I know. Making choices has always been a problem for me.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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Hi Paulien. I joined audible.com and have been pretty happy with it. They have several different membership levels (or you can buy books individually). I do all of my "reading" with audiobooks, because by the time I get home from a day of staring at computer screens, my eyes refuse to focus any more.



If you have any interest in technology, here are a few that I enjoy and they are free.

twit.tv (On this site I stay up to date with This Week in Tech and KFI Tech Guy)
revision3.org (Diggnation)

As far as audiobooks, you might check with your public library. My local library has an agreement with netlibrary.com. I have downloaded several audiobooks. I have found that if I listen to them on my pc, the pc has to download the digital rights management license for it but I have put several on my mp3 player and it plays them fine.


Try 43 Folders

Within the last few months I have started downloading podcasts on to my laptop. My absolute favorite is the series of interviews with David Allen on 43folders.com. Each interview is less than 15 minutes. Merlin does a great job.


I agree with you on that! I used to get DL.tv as a video, but now you can get it in MP3 format as well, so I get it in that to save some battery.

I get all my podcasts from the iTunes music store. They are free. Because I use the Australian store, I *could* probably have heaps different ones. I have 'The Hamish and Andy Podcast' which is an afternoon radio program for the drive home. Hamish and andy are hilarious, and their podcast is really popular. Maybe you could have a look in the music store at the podcasts available and maybe look at the radio program ones. THey are usually really good quality and very funny.
Also, some TV shows have podcasts. There is one here called 'Thank God You're Here' and every episode one or two sketches gets put on the podcast.

Well, I hope ive given you some food for thought