Binder for 4x6 index cards

I've spent ages looking, and I thought someone on this excellent site might have some idea. I am looking for a slim binder to hold 4x6 index cards. I have seen a binder for the 3x5 cards, but I want something a bit larger. I had been carrying my 4x6 cards in a plastic case, but I want to be able to flip through them quickly and use tabs in the way a binder allows. I switched to a 5 1/2 x 8 format binder but find that I just don't take it with me when I go ourt because it's too big, rather defeating the purpose. I'm going nuts and burning time looking for the right binder and I feel certain what I am looking for must exist. Can anyone help me?

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The answer is:


...and the rest

For covers, you can use these dividers
They are extremely durable.

Looks great, but...

I love the look of Rollabind's stuff, but it is a bit expensive.

But I was even willing to go for the top of the line leather notebook and proper hardcore punch (about $100) and then at the last minute it suddenly demands $145 in shipping. $145 for that? ridiculous. Obviously they are taking a huge cut of the shipping costs for themselves.

$145 for shipping to where ?

They are a US company. If you are in Europe, try Atoma or ADOC-Systems
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I'm in Australia, so the US

I'm in Australia, so the US should actually be the closest / cheapest postage.

I checked the USPS web site and it didn't look like the rates were supposed to be as high as they were charging. Unless they were explicitly going for the 1-3 day express delivery.

As a generalisation, most

As a generalisation, most companies set their international and domestic shipping rates at the maximum possible for that type of shipping regardless of the actual distances and complexities involved. This way their pricing is consistent across markets, they simplify their operation and can absorb some degree of currency fluctation/price changes.

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Photo Albums


You could use a small photo album for your cards. If it's top or side loading, slipping it in and out to write would be easy and quick. I'm sure you could find something designed to your taste.


Montblanc used to make one

Montblanc used to make one although it cost far more than it was worth.

All is not lost however, 6" x 4" cards will just fit a Filofax Personal (6.75" x 3.75" or 175 x 95 mm) size and I would image a FC Compact binder (6.75" x 4.25" or 175 x 101 mm) too.

Note figures represent paper size not binder size. :)

4*6" 'binders'

I use a 4*6 index system for my son's sign language vocabulary. It has to be flexible, and portable, and durable because he's very much a KID and not a mini-CEO.

A small photo album is PERFECT for this. The one I liked best has an elastic closure that's flexible enough to act as a bookmark, and I trimmed down the front page protector to allow him to slip cards in and out to make quick notes. Those cards get filed behind the 'today's news' tab and we discuss how to organize them as a team. Sticky notes and tabs adhere *beautifully* to the sheet pockets, as do the durable sticky index tabs.

Try a *thin* photo album from the dollar store and you'll quickly discover what works or doesn't work for you.

For keeping spare printouts, I simply used a file card box.

Tell me more

I use a 4*6 index system for my son's sign language vocabulary.

Oooh tell me more please. What and how are you recording on these cards? Really want to know. (Check my profile for why.)

Do what I did when I could

Do what I did when I could not find a binder for my preferred paper size: get a plastic duotang and trim it down to the desired size :)

4x6 index card binder

I thought I was the only person looking for this particular type of binder...however I called the Pendaflex/Esselte company and asked if they made the 4x6 binder for the index cards - they said they would make it for a "custom order" request of 100 binders at a cost of approximately $6 per binder...of course for those of us who want only one or two that price would be ridiculous. The representative then went on to say that I could go to Office Max or some type of store like that and maybe they would special order it...If someone does do it, I'm hoping that they will make it available on their web site.


I've been searching for years for these. I started my recipe collection in them 20 years ago when they were available and really need more. I would order 10 if an order goes in.

Asda have 4x6 binders

I know this is an old thread but folk still will be interested. Asda have plastic/polypropylene 4x6 card binders which include a bundle of punched lined cards for £1. Or a twin pack for £2 in a rather odd marketing ploy. No discount for a twin pack then....

They are not very substantial but will robably last quite well.

4x6 Card Binder at Staples

Staples sells plastic binders for 4x6 cards, right next to those for 3x5 cards on their shelf. I just saw them the other day. I don't remember the price, but it was very reasonable. I think they are made by Oxford; the same company that makes the index cards themselves. I saw the binders in the index card area of Staples.

which kind of binder do you mean?

when you say poly binder 4x6 at staples, do you mean the box with snap closure, or do you mean ring binder? I imagine you meant the latter?
I am looking for snap poly boxes for 4x5 and for 3x5s too.