Paper Lust

mine is currently for moleskine sketch books and fabriano cold pressed.

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Moleskine obbsessions

Moleskine Reporters Reporter Plain Notebook

I also like the "Cahier Natural Plain Notebook" which is just 3 small cardboard notebooks - easier to carry one around.


i've never tried the

i've never tried the Moleskines. However, since they've released a wireframes style notebook, I've been seriously thinking of getting one of those.

How well do they take watercolor inks? Or other artsy style mediums (like stamp ink, charcol, etc)


moleskines and watercolor / alcohol based inks

They do take watercolor inks ok, but if you use a Moleskine that is lined or gridded, the marks can sometimes seem 'waxy' and resist the ink in places. Go with the plain "sketch" variety if you're using water-based media, is my suggestion. Alcohol based marker inks can also be a lot of fun.

A tip: you'll need a sheet of wax paper behind the page so you don't bleed through...i.e. if you're painting on the recto side of a leaf/page, expect the verso side of same leaf to be pretty much completely bled through (which can make for interesting sketch material later). If you insert wax paper or something else water resistant between that page and the next, then you'll protect the recto side of the next page from being bled onto.

As for charcoal, etc, I've seen plenty of amazing graphite and charcoal sketches done in Moleskines. The same rules apply as any sketchbook - facing pages need a separator (i use vellum cut to fit) to prevent smudging, consider using a spray fixative, etc.

give it a try, and share your work!!


great tips, thanks

wow. Thanks for the awesome tips. I JUST MAY have to get a moleskin now and try out the watercolors and charcoal tips. And good tip off on the wax/vellum paper idea. I'd have NEVER thought of doing that.

Of course, I'd prolly have sprayed the work with a finish of some sort. Which I may do anyway and tell you how that works!

Thanks for the advice,

I recently received a gift

I recently received a gift of Levenger Circa notebooks. For the way I work -- as a writer with a very non-linear brain, who likes to be able to add and remove pages from my notebook, the Circa works very well.