User Submitted Templates page

Just wanted to let you know that I can't read the text on the user submitted templates page. Can you either darken up the background color, or change the text from white to a dark grey or black?

(and the site looks great, btw)

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Site colour problems

I can't see the problem you identified. Can you please let me know what operating system you're using, and which browser (check its "About..." dialog box)? Is anybody else having a similar problem?

all my best,

I'm seeing the same problem

I'm seeing the same problem using Mac OS X Version 10.4.2 and Safari Version 2.0 (412.2). Looking at the same page using Firefox 1.0.6 appears to fix the problem. I can send you a snapshot of what it looks like in Safari... basically all the text is white.

Safari & CSS issue

Ah, okay, I see the problem in Safari. Working on it....

all my best,

Update : Fixed. I Hope.

Wow! What service!

Wow! What service! ;-)
Looking good!
Thanks for all your (and everyone on the D*I*Y staff) hard work!