Envelope-style Business Card Cases

Two templates for business card cases. One holds about 30 cards, the other about 60 cards. No glue needed.

Paper size: 
Usage advice: 

Print both pages on heavy cardstock. I use 110 lb cardstock, not the lighter weight cover stock. You only need one page, but you might decide after folding one that you need a bigger or smaller one, so you might as well do them both at once.

Cut around the edges of the diagram to make a plus shape. Decide whether you want a tab-and-slot closure or some other closure (see also the envelope-style hipster cases for more details).

Use the rounded, dull side of a butter knife to score the horizontal and vertical lines. This will help you fold the creases more cleanly later. Use a metal-edged or other strong ruler to help you guide the butter knife in a straight line.

Fold all of the creases you just scored. Fold them all the same direction, so the flaps all point up when you're done.

Put your cards in the center of the plus. Fold the side, small tabs in over your stack, then the bottom (non-pointy) tab up. Finally, fold the top (pointy) tab down and tuck it in the slot if you chose to do the tab-and-slot closure.

Note: Once you've got the hang of this template, you can transfer the design to a more decorative piece of cardstock--the kind that won't go through your laser or inkjet printer. The thumbnail shows a box made from cardstock that won't go through a printer. Thick and textured cardstocks will work with this box, though textured, ribbed, or lumpy ones will be less suitable as writing surfaces.


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PDF Reader (Adobe Reader, Mac OS X Preview), OpenOffice.org
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Oh what fun! I love stuff like this.

How did you get that GOLD one in your photo????????


Fancy papers


I ordered that paper from a place in Michigan. http://handmade-paper.us/ is their website. They have thousands of different kinds of fancy papers from all over the world. Some of them are fancy cardstocks that are heavy enough to use for paper boxes. Most are text weight or even lighter, for use in scrapbooking or other crafty projects. Some people even use them for wallpaper. :)

The one in the picture is gold on one side and a pearlescent cream color on the other. Its name is Two-Sided Metallic Cardstock - Gold and Pearl. It's really beautiful. I still have several sheets of this stuff left from my box-making days. The sheets themselves come from the paper folks 22" x 30" which is pretty big. I was able to make several different shapes and sizes of boxes, and so the big sheets were very valuable to me.

If you are interested in playing with some of these fancy cardstocks, I would be willing to deal on the papers I have left. I've had them for a while and I probably won't be able to use them up any time soon. I've got the gold and cream, the metallic navy shown in the index card size thumbnail, and a bunch of others--some solid, some printed with metallics, some with raised stars, some with embedded flowers or plants..some that are actually used in publishing.. Some are very feminine and some are more masculine. I even have some wavy corrugated cardstock left in about four or five colors. Very cool stuff.