just saw this at BoingBoing:


A flash app that makes a paper PDA... very cool.

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This seems to be getting quite a bit of attention on the various productivity forums at the moment as well. I tried it out and was impressed (given that it's a 0.3 beta). I think it has potential as a kind of semi-structured daily inbox that you can keep with you at all times. It needs some work though: an option for page sizes is I think particularly important, since the templates all seem to be aimed at Letter sized paper at the moment, which means it doesn't work so well for us non-US folk.

it could be quite useful for

It's fun to make, but a bit too flimsy to write on for serious work. It could be quite useful for children to take to camp or school for example (for emergency phone numbers etc...)

I wonder what they are patenting, and how it might affect other template designers and future designs? Where would prior art come in?

The boxes on the calendar are too small to write double digit dates in, so it was obviously put together by web experts and not graphic designers. It's a disposable, and the flash application makes things easy for people and that is great, but it's just a shame they have lifted a few too many design choices (right down to the measurement) without giving due credit for several of the templates. It makes me question how many of the templates they are using are original?

Patent pending

Hmm, I must admit I hadn't noticed that "patent pending" at the bottom of the application. Good point, what could they patent from this?
Neal | http://porkpop.blogspot.com/

PocketMod Patent Pending

I must admit that the pending patent is a little scary for me, since the US patent system seem to allow overly broad and general --and even common-sense-- patents to be implemented and enforced. This might potentially touch upon the future directions of D*I*Y Planner, SVGPlanner and other projects, so it becomes a genuine concern.

I sent the PocketMod people an email politely asking clarification of this patent application a few days ago. Hopefully, they'll get back to me soon, and the patent will indeed be of a very narrow and well-defined focus.

all my best,
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Do let us know how you get

Do let us know how you get on Doug. As you say, hopefully it will be for something very specific and un-planner related.
Neal | http://porkpop.blogspot.com/

I also sent an email to this

I also sent an email to this guy regarding the patent thing. Everything on that site seems to be something that wouldnt be patentable but like was said before the US patent office is pretty pathetic these days.

I mean hell I was using that folding technique in first grade!

The software isnt something new either thats for sure.

solution to flimsiness

It clips quite nicely to the back of my HPDA, which can also act as something sturdy to write on. Which might be sort of redundant, but I suppose you could use the pocketmod for one sort of data and the HPDA for the other.

But I'm just starting to experiment with all of these things, so I can't really say if a combo like this is more useful than not.

You can set it to any paper

You can set it to any paper size when you print.

nice to dump...

stuff from multiple calendars. I have a stupid work Oracle system and I synch it to my Palm. But we've got a "home calendar" too - I've been using pocketmod to capture the weekly join of both schedules, then slipping it into my pocket cahier notebook.

This is definitely an

This is definitely an interesting application and well designed. I like the fact that you can pick and choose the pages and put them in an order that you like. It didn't line up completely after printing but close enough. Being able to print directly from a website is very handy, maybe that is the "patentable" part?

I have a problem with the whole "disposable" idea though. I stopped using a folded piece of paper recently and went to 3x5 cards since they allow me to file them after I'm done with them if I need to save them. A folded piece of paper is handy for quick notes but once you're done with it it's a pain in the butt to file or save.

With work it's best to just start.

Filing is a problem, and

Filing is a problem, and then there's the waste of one side of the paper. Somebody suggested printing on card stock so it would be less flimsy to write on, but I'm not sure if that would make the alignment and paper waste problems greater.

I still have legal and ethical questions about the way other people's work has been adopted without due credit. As far as I know there have been no responses to questions about their patent.