Moleskine knockoffs at Staples

Not sure where to post this, but wanted to pass on my fake Moleskine sighting at Staples this afternoon.

In a cardboard stand (i.e., a dump) near the Christmas stuff was a display of several different kinds of Moleskine knock-offs. All versions seemed to come in both a large and small size - one version was a fake leather available in both red and lime green, another was a fake suede - red or light blue. The larger version of the suede one had a tan suede spine, while the smaller version was all the color (no tan spine). There was also a metallic gold or copper version and lastly - a 'regular' one in black or brown.

These all had an elastic strap, bookmark, and pocket in the back. Same style lined paper even. Only difference (other than the colors) was the stitching around the outside of the knock-offs. (My Moleskines don't have any stitching.)

The display made it look like they were Staples branded, but inside the cover it said Gibson. Cost was US$9.99 for the large and US$6.99 for the smaller size. I haven't checked their online web site.

I came this close to buying one, but talked myself out of it. I did not see any other versions, only the lined journal style.

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Moleskine knock-offs

These Staples / Gibson Moleskine knock-offs seem to have a permanent place at several Staples in my area (in one, they knocked out the display of rollabind products). I bought a large and a small, black, stitched - they have rather closely duplicated Moleskine features. The paper in particular seems near-identical (right down to the same shade of color) - except their ruling has top and bottom margins. The covers are much less aesthetically pleasing, but not bad if taken on their own terms.

Gibson, by the way, is a major US firm dealing in specialized blank books and scrapbooks - they're mainly known for baby books (you know, the scrapbooks with areas you fill out with all the memorability about your infant's early experiences and such).