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I have been on this site for a few months now and am absolutely loving it. If you have read any of my posts, you know I am a planner and purse a holic!!! So, that is why this site is my favorite place to visit.

Incorporating a lot of the ideas I have found here and through different links, I have come up with my planning system. I thought I would share it with you… I am using the Levenger system, which I have fallen in love with over the past few weeks. I purchased a Junior (classic size) and a Compact (filofax size?) notebook and then the Rollabind punch.

To begin, the Rollabind punch does work with Levenger, but it is a tad bit smaller “hole” than Levenger. By a tad I mean it is too small to measure. But, it does work! (and it is cheaper than Levenger’s punch).

I originally was using the Compact for Personal use and the Junior for Business. Then I realized that one of my main goals was to simplify my life, so I am now using just the Junior for both business and personal. The Junior works for me because it is big enough to write in (I have bigger writing), it still fits in my purse, and there is less paper to cut because you just need to cut a letter size paper in half! EASY!

Here’s my system:

I split the notebook in half with my own version of the satellite card (just made one out of fun cardstock). I have business in front and personal in back. Let’s begin with the biz side.

The first page (just behind the clear cover) is my monthly index. Instead of a calendar, I made an index which Doug describes somewhere on this site. Lefthand column are the dates (1-31) and next to each date is a line. I use this to write time sensitive reminders. i.e. 17: Mail Thanksgiving Day Letter to Clients. My appointments are in Outlook which I review every day.

Then I have the normal DIY templates: Waiting For, Next Actions, and Projects. That is really it for Biz.

Now for the personal – I work backwards in the planner. So, from the back, I have my current monthly calendar right behind the clear cover. Than proceeding months behind that. Then we have a continuous to do list (I do not have next actions for personal, just a running to do list). Then I have a running project list (things I may want to do to the house or yard in the future). And then I have annual lists like Christmas to buy for list, what I bought, gift ideas, etc. These will stay in my binder until after Christmas and then they will go in my archive book (see below). That is about it for personal.

For my inbox (both personal and biz) I use old business cards (our company name changed, so I have a couple hundred biz cards laying around). I pre-punch them and have them scattered throughout my life (car, nightstand, frig, desk, etc). When I think of something I need to do, I write it down and throw it in my purse or pocket and then when I get to where I am going I pull them out and insert them into my planner. For instance, On Dec 9th, I need to bring Cookie Sheets with me to my Mom’s house. So, I wrote up a card with the date and Cookie Sheets and I inserted it into the Dec Monthly Page. So, now when I go to see what I am doing on the 9th, I will see my note. I do this because it is not a note that I need to archive. I want to archive what I did on the 9th, but not that I brought cookie sheets. So, the biz card get’s tossed. (I will be making shris’ new biz card holder this weekend, so I can carry more of my cards with me! Thanks shris!!)

Here are other odds and ends:

I highlight items that are complete (easier to see items that are not done)

I will be purchasing more “discs” in order to make an archive book for Biz and Personal

I hope to purchase a new home in the upcoming years, so I am going to start storing my info in a letter size Levenger notebook that I will just make out of the discs and my own cover/back pages.

I even thought of using this system as a recipe card holder!

I love the Levenger system because it allows me to MOVE things around, ADD pages when I need to, and it is COMPACT. Unlike a 3 ring binder that starts out big, the notebooks start out small and can become bigger.

This is a great system and I would highly recommend it to everyone!

Cheers - nay nay

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