Help printing to Canon MP130

Hi, I am hoping that someone can help me out. I just got a Canon MP130 all-in-one printer and would like to print out on 3x5 cards from the DIY HPDA set. I have read in 43 Folders that other Canon printers (i.e., IP3000, IP4000, etc...) do not "know" that they are able to print to index cards, but some people have been able to tweak them to make them do it. I am hoping this is the case with the MP130.

Can someone give me the rundown on how to make my MP130 print out the DIY HPDA nice, pretty and centered?


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In case anyone else out

In case anyone else out there was having a problem of figuring this
out, after a couple of days of going crazy, I have finally got it. I
know there are a lot of tech-savvy people on this board, but I figure
there is probably someone else out there who could use the information. This is how I got it done:

1. At "Print" screen click on "Properties"
2. Click on "Page Setup" tab
3. For "Page Size" select "Custom" (Customize to 3.5" x 5", 3.5" is
the smallest you can get)
4. For "Printer Paper" size select "Custom" (Customize to 3.5" x 5",
again, 3.5" is the smallest you can get)
5. At "Staple Side" use the pull-down menu to select "Long-side
stapling (Right)"
6. Click on Specify Margin and set it to .5"

Hope this saves someone out there some time and aggravation. The cards come out nice and centered. So far very happy with my printer. :-)

Tricking the Printer

Ha! This is pretty darn smart. Good on you, my friend. I don't think that your solution would have ever occurred to many of us (myself included).