Colorado D*I*Y Hipster

This is Doug's brilliant D*I*Y Hipster in a Mead 3 x 5" notebook with a vintage Rotring ballpoint pen. I like this case as it provides the convenience of a Filofax(tm) planner book with the incredible versatility of the D*I*Y system. Oh yeah, also room for business or credit cards inside the front cover. Snaps secure too. Only $3.65(US) at Wal-Mart. :)

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6 hole punch?

hi there,
ive bought a similar 3 X 5" book (made in Japan) but i cant find a good 6 Hole Punch. Can u tell me where u get it?

6 hole punch

Sorry- I couldn't find one either- I use an old paper punch (the old one-at-a-time model).

I also have a Japanese

I also have a Japanese bought "Davinci" 3x5 binder (, and have been thinking of printing up some of the DIY planner templates for it. I'd love to locate a six-ring punch too, but for the moment I'm going to try and feed blank 3x5 pages into my printer. Wish me luck !

I also keep a stack of blank 3x5 cards bulldog clipped to the front of the binder, and use these as an "inbox" .

Hole punch

Is filofax "pocket" the same size ?

Filofax code 210130 . They're £25 (~$50) though, that's very expensive .

6 hole punch has at least 3 styles of 6 hole punches for 3" X 5" paper.

I tried Onlineriver ...

I emailed them, and spoke to them on the phone. They were a wonderful company, the customer service was excellent, I recommend them for OTHER purchases; however they tried to put something together for me but they didn't have anything at all that would punch 6 holes on the 5" side of 3x5 paper without sending the item to a machine shop for reconfiguration.


I'm drooling! The perfect marriage of the hPDA and the good ol' fashioned paper planner!!!!!!



Oxford makes a two-hole ring binder index card cover with a front pocket. I found one at Staples. You can punch your cards using 2 punches of an adjustable 3-ring punch. (Of course, a standard two-hole punch doesn't work - wouldn't that just make things too easy?) And there's no place to put your pen. But it does hold a lot of cards, and it's not expensive.

Notebook question

Sounds *very* interesting! Do you have the item #? Did a search on my local Staples page- located Oxford file boxes, no covers. :/ THanks!

Mead notebooks in the UK

Hi all,

This is my first post on here and I was compelled to do it. I love this idea. It's pretty much what I've been looking for. Thing is, I wondered if anyone knew wether you could get the Mead notebook in the UK.

Thanks for any ideas.


Mead Notebooks in the UK


I *think* that Mead-Cambridge notebooks are available via the WWW... of course it may cost more to ship it than it costs. If you have no luck, please let me know- I'm sure we can get you one! :)



Hi Tom,

Hi Tom,

Many thanks for the offer. I'll keep trawling the 'net until I've exhausted all the UK possabilities. At that point, I may be sending a message for help!.



searching for 6-hole 3" x 5" ruled or blank paper

for years when i wanted to purchase 6-hole 3" x 5" notebook paper for my 35 year old handmade little leather notebook from key west, i could walk into any office supply place and buy the paper. yesterday when i tried to buy it i couldn't find it anywhere, even on the internet. i've got about four blank pages left. can you/will you help! thanks very much.

It looks to me as though you

It looks to me as though you might find the refills you're looking for at Look there under "memo book" and they have Mead refills in the 3x5 size--supposedly.

This is exactly what I'm

This is exactly what I'm looking for. Unfortunately...

Merchandise Total ...................$ 1.77
Shipping & Handling .................$ 8.10
Grand Total: ........................$ 9.87 way I'm spending $10 for a few little sheets of paper.

6 - hole 3" X 5" paper

Hi maggie,

I have the same issue as you do. DayRunner sells the paper for $3.09 for 40 sheets at STAPLES, when they have the packs. If you go directly to DayRunner, each pack is the same price, plus shipping and handling.
Otherwise "Online River" sells 6 hole 3" X 5" hole punchers ranging in price from "$20+ to $70+ depending on the desired quantity of paper to punch.

6 Hole Punch

This takes a little effort but it is cheaper than buying something manufactured.

Buy a 3 hole punch that has movable punches.
Buy 3 replacement punches.
Put the 3 extra punches on the punch frame.
Space them 3/4" apart.

Now 3-hole punches can be a bit on the expensive side. I bought two Mainstays punches from Wal-Mart and took the punches off one and put them on the other. Then I found I could line up five okay but not the last one. I ended up having to drill a hole in it to mount the punch and a second hole on the bottom to clear space for the punch "blade" to go through.

6 hole punch

I found an Australian supplier of 6 hole punches

Much better than paying the international freight charges for delivery to Australia

They sell the same 6 hole

They sell the same 6 hole punch in Officeworks Australia as well. It can fit the smaller Filofax planners, but it doesn't adjust far enough if you want to make holes for the A5 Filofax version.

A5 Hack

I use the same punch for A5. At its widest setting the punch is suitable for 6x4 or 150x100 when you punch the longer side. Set the punch to this setting. Pull out the guide approximately one inch or 25 mm. You may need a bit of trial and error to get it right so have some scrap paper handy. Once you have it right, score a mark on the guide so you can return to the setting again and again.

Insert your A5 paper into the punch, align against the guide and punch. Turn the paper over and reinsert the punched side back into the punch, check the guide setting has not moved, align against the guide and punch again. The result is a page with eight punch holes down the long side. The outer three holes on each end should then fit the six A5 binder rings.

Bob H.

Item #?

Do you have an item/model number or anything for this? It looks closer to what I've been looking for than anything else I've found, but I haven't seen anything 3x5 (planner-wise) at our Wal-Mart, so I'll have to look for it online.

Be blessed!
~Rachel <><


The punch id is KW-916, Diary Punch-Adjustable 6 hole. The barcode if it is relevant is 9314486016389.

Bob H.