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Hi all,

It has been years since I posted here. I owe this site and the community for many helpful tips and templates. Thank you!

I thought you might like hearing about the TWSBI Notebook. This is from a company in Taiwan that has gained recent fame for manufacturing very good fountain pens for reasonable prices. If you do some searching, you'll find many favorable reviews of their pens. They have recently come out with their own line of notebooks. Here's some details.

Small: 3.75" x 5.5" ($10.99) from
Medium: 5.25" x 8.25" ($12.99)
Large: 7.5" x 9.8" ($15.99)

All notebooks come with 240 pages in lined, grid (1/4" sq), or blank. That's more than the average notebook. The small notebook's pages are perfed, the other sizes not. It comes with an elastic band to hold the covers together. There is a ribbon for a pagemarker and a pocket inside the back cover, like a Moleskine.

The notebook comes with a sturdy but thin and flexible cover. The binding is sewn and the pages lay flat. Unlike the typical Moleskine, the paper is thicker, high quality, and was designed to take fountain pen ink. In my test, I found that the texture was smooth but wasn't as glass smooth as, let's say, Rhodia Webnotebooks. It had just enough texture that you get some feedback when you write. Very nice.

Fountain pen ink doesn't feather on the page, at least with the inks I tested, and there is almost no bleedthrough. One can write on both sides of the sheet easily.

If I can get some photos posted with this, you can see for yourself. (Medium, gridded version shown). I recommend their pens (the clear pen in one of the photos) and these notebooks highly. I've found them to perform very well and their customer service is outstanding.

Thanks, Walter

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Love this

Definitely a beautiful notebook!

Lucy the Literacy Lady, Literacy Intervention Specialist