Going overseas for 3 weeks - what do I do about photos?

Well my family and I are going overseas for three weeks. We are going to Europe, mainly France and I am planning on taking heaps of pictures (obviously)! I have a 256MB memory card, so I could take around 3000 photos with all the low quality settings but I really do want to have good quality photos. Does anyone know of a way I can back up my photos as I go?
I have an iPod video so I could get the photo thing for that but I really dont want to unless I have to.
Should I just buy a few more memory cards duty free?

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If you haven't got a laptop & card reader to take with you, it gets a little tricky. With laptop & reader, you just empty the card each night onto the hard drive. Maybe you also burn a CD so you're not worried by hard drive crashes.

1) look for internet cafes or people with fancy laptops and strike up a conversation--ask them to burn a CD for you (bring CDs).

2) look for public libraries, maybe they'd have a card reader & CD burner?

3) look for photo kiosks--see if they'll read a card and output a CD for you. Some photo processing places will do this in the US, I'm sure there must be an equivalent overseas.

4) does your camera have any other interfaces? would you be able to copy from the card to an external device with a USB cable, for example?

5) get several slightly smaller cards, since they're way cheaper, and just keep your pockets full of them.

6) every night, go through the pics you took and remove any that really aren't great so you can free up space for the brilliance to come.

7) look for gadgetry specifically designed for this dilemma and see if you can afford whatever doohickey you find..



Thanks for all your great suggestions. I might convince my dad to take a laptop with us! He should be okay with it, I don't see why not!!


Thanks for all of your help.
I brought the topic up at dinner 2 nights ago, and yestreday had my dad ring me up during his lunch break. He was in the process of buying some more memory cards. He bought 2X 2 GB SD cards!!!! Im positive we wont need to worry about storage anymore.
So we have:
256MB in my camera
256MB n built) in my mums camera
16 MB from my video camera
and the 4 GB dad bought.


Use the iPod, Luke

$30 gets you the connector and then you can not only store your pictures, but you can preview them as well.

Why would you hesitate to use it ? For the sake of a few tunes or videos ?


i dont really want to get one, even though its practical because like access to a computer, I am not sure when I will have a chance to charge up the iPod. I will have a talk to my dad to see what he is planning to do.
Thanks though, I might try that.

Charge ?

Your digital camera will need to be charged some time during your three weeks. Unless your European trip is a camping/wilderness trip, I would expect you will be sleeping in a bed in a building with electricity available. The great thing about the iPod is that the Apple-supplied chargers are all dual voltage, so all you would need is a physical plug adapter.