Index Tab as Pen Loop


Has anyone tried this? I was looking for an easy way to attach a pen loop to my 4x6 planner/photo album. I realized that my self-adhesive index tabs are already 'loops' of plastic that would adhere to paper or plastic.

So I grabbed an index tab and stuck my Uniball Signo's clip through it--it fits, and it's pretty secure, too! I happened to have colored tabs lying around--the one inch length, so I stuck a blue one in one spot (for my blue ink pen) and a red one in another spot (for my red ink pen). It works like a charm, so far (after five minutes the pens are still attached. :)

The nice thing about the adhesive on the index tabs is it's pretty strong. I think I could attach them in non-standard places (like on the spine of the album instead of the page-ends).

I also thought about de-constructing the tab slightly to make it into a real "loop"--that is, peeling it apart like opening a book. This doesn't work well for my Signo because of the rubberized barrel--it's a little too thick. But if you have a thinner writing device, you could do that instead of just using the clip.


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Pen holder

Hi shris, I ended up making this one for my "compact size" binder.


Elastic Loop

Hi Sarah.

Obviously an elastic loop is vastly superior in function to an index tab. I envy your ability to sew. :)

The tab, though, is quick, cheap, and easy for us sewing-challenged folks. :) When the tabs break, I might see if I can find a bit of elastic and hot glue it on.


Variant on the elastic loop pen holder


Love the elastic loop. I just blogged a design for a pen holder hack for notebooks using cloth elastic braid, which might be adaptable to your needs: link


Variant on the elastic loop pen holder


Love the elastic loop idea. I just blogged a design for an elastic pen loop using cloth elastic braid, which might be adaptable to your notebook: Link.



I basically did the same thing... except kept the stitching to one end. (Like making a single loop and stitching it 'shut'). Then I pinched about an inch to make the loop where the pen goes...

My Impromptu-Pen Holder

my artwork

I like that too!

Nice design, and I like the pattern on the fabric. There's a whole list of pen-holder hacks on PigPog for Moleskines, but the designs appear adaptable to other notebook sizes too.

I've been thinking about adding another bigger loop that would hold my iPod. I think it would be dangerously easy to keep adding loops all down the strip for a "bandolier" effect -- I can see it now, Batman Utility Belts for Notebooks! :-D


Eyelets are fun

I simply used an eyelet and some of the extra plastic from when I laminated my cover and created a loop for my space pen.

Pics here and here.

Just punch a hole

Most pens have clips, yes ?
I just punched a hole in the edge of the cover of my RollaBind-Hipster and I clip my pen on the inside. It rests on top of the pages, protected by the covers -- kinda like SHB's but a bit easier to make.
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