Rapid-fire format switching


I was reviewing my plans for my planner, and realized that in the 8 weeks I've been a member, I've gone from a wooden index card box to a Covey classic using paper to a classic using page protectors to a 4x6 photo album.

I know there's another thread about all the different formats folks have tried, but I wonder how many other people have tried a bunch of different formats in rapid succession like this.

Personally, I think the 4x6 photo album is pretty good and might last for a while. At least, I'm running out of itches at the moment. I'm still tweaking a little on the innards, but my discontent with the format is running out.

Ironically, my discontent has transferred from my planner to my purse. The beautiful red tooled purse doesn't handle being overstuffed well, and between planner, coupons, wallet, tissues, medicines, pens, membership cards, etc., the purse is just not quite there. The bottom of the purse is fine, the pockets hold all this stuff fine, but the flap isn't taking the bulk well and it won't flop over and snap. *sigh* Perhaps I'll get out one of my old purses and see if it handles things better.

Is there ever a point of contentment with planner and container? I know other folks go through this kind of evolution based on the other thread--but does it end? :)


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re format switching

Is there ever a point of contentment with planner and container?
I found that I stopped format switching when I accepted and dealt with the reality that my planner was never going to be perfect for every situation. It simply can't be perfect because my life changes all the time, and there is always at least one aspect of my life and work that is just too fluid to be managed in a structured way.

;) If it were so simple there'd be one planning process that everyone used that fitted every situation and this site wouldn't need to exist. ;)

Anyway, after sorting out that planning is (to use a tired cliche) an end to a means and not the end itself, I soon found that whatever bag I had suited my planner.

Format Switch

I currently have a classic size, homemade cover and DIY pages. I really like it because I have to go to a lot of meetings and take notes, Carry around paper and bills, and keep up with a full schedule.
Since being on this site, I have Hipster envy, I wish my life accommodated that style. Hopefully one day it will.

my setup

I'm still at school so we get given our school planners. Despite that, since the holidays started and I found this site, I decided to start a DIY Planner. Even though I've almost always had a school diary, for the last 6 years I have had my own 'personal' one as well, usually just a store bought one. My 2006 one was in a small binder with a ruler and stuff like that.
For my DIY planner, I have an old A4 size binder which zips up and stuff. Its one from a surf store that I love, but can't use for school. So far, I don't really have too much in there, as I am not going to start it properly until the new year. This is because I am going overseas and taking other things to store information. Hopefully, my planner will help me because I am at boarding school which means that my school planner doesnt really accomodate me for anything but homework. My diy planner will hopefully help me to become a bit more organised as well.

Define "Contentment"

I find my contentment in the "switch", for I am a chronic switcher. Since coming to DIY a year ago, I have switched sizes & formats more times than I can remember (easily more than eight switches). The only dangerous part occurs when I switch my calendar. An appointment or two is usually left off during the information transfer. I wish there was a charity to which I could donate my abandoned binders. They remind me of the "land of misfit toys".