Hipster PDA Case Recommendations?

I'm interested in hearing some advice about what cases people can recommend for toting around their Hipster PDA cards. In the 43 Folders Google Group, I've seen messages go flying past recommending certain Levenger and homebrew cases, but I thought it might be nice to have a little thread here for posterity. Bonus points for including URLs so we can see what you're referring to, or for uploading a pic of your kit to the Kit Image Gallery.

all my best,


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Barrington Jotter


I went to my local stationery store looking for a hipster holder and
bought the Barrington Jotter. It has a thin pocket in the front
for the to-do list and one or 2 other index cards. Two pockets are
in the back : one for business cards and one for the spare index
cards/lesser used cards.
Main info: http://barringtongifts.com/catalog/product_info.php/products...
Image: http://barringtongifts.com/catalog/images/pocketjotter.jpg

I love it and got it for around $25 at my local store!


Duckster PDA

That certainly is more elegant than the Duckster PDA. (Do you think they took the suggestion in the handbook to heart?)


Duckster PDA

jp, thanks for the plug, I think :)

I didn't really think too much about it. I wrote a blog post about it here. There is a link in the post to the actual DucsterPDA instructions. It was my first duct tape item. I've since made a few mods to that holder which fit my style. I need to post better pics of both it looks like.


Ductster PDA

I've always loved this little rig. It really encapsulates the whole D-I-Y spirit, and can be pretty stylish to boot.

When I get some time to spare (*cough*), I think I'll make one, although probably out of gaffer's tape -- black, and the adhesive is less messy than duct tape.


Wow, it really works! That

Wow, it really works! That is really creative. and you have no problem with the glue coming off on things? i thought you were just having a joke. (i've never seen duct tape come in anything but gray.) I'm only afraid that Doug already tries to do "too much" around the house with duct tape, and that he's not joking when he says he finds it stylish. *sigh* I'm not sure that Debbie Travis ever has this problem, but maybe I'm just jealous, because I don't have his knack with tape. (I remember trying to wrap christmas boxes to send off at the post office, and a stranger made the passing comment " She reminds me of Lucille Ball!") But I digress...

I mostly use it for picking up pet fur.


On second thoughts if it

On second thought, if it comes in a range of colours I can see how playing with stripes could be fun, but as I'm adhesively challenged... I'll stick with my manilla index card wallet until I decided which picture of Conor to print on a hipstercover. :-)


What?!? You didn't know it came in colors?

Then what did you wear to the prom? http://www.ducktape.com/contests/#


I thought i was "different" with my flaming red Mohawk.

Some of the outfits are quite elegant.

Crane's jotter card holder

About five years ago, I bought a similar product from a now-defunct local stationery store. Without the handy business-card pocket, though.

From Crane's, the fine paper people: Black Leather Jotter Card Holder. MSRP $26 US.

I found that plain old cheap index cards handled my fountain pen ink better than the fancy Crane's 3x5 cards.

-- flexiblefine

Jotters 10% off plus free shipping at ebags.com

these jotter pads at ebags range from $13 - $50 and would be perfect for the 3x5 cards. PLUS they are running a special with 10% off everything and free shipping. i just bought one of the millenniums.


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Hipster Case

I just punch a hole in one corner and stick them together with an "O" ring. I used clear contact paper to laminate the front cover and back card. The front and back cards are hot pink so I can get it all back in order after I've been flipping the cards around.

Digital PDA Case = Hipster PDA Case?

Just had one of those "d'oh!" moments....

The last time I was at the local FutureShop, I noticed that they had quite a number of nice leather "generic" digital PDA cases in the bargain bin. I picked up a few and noticed that the texture was nice, the quality of stitching was quite good, the construction fairly stiff, and the case opened and flipped back fairly flat. The inside left side had room for credit cards and a little plastic window for a business card / Kit ID. The right side had the "slot" for the PDA. Being slightly older and generic, it was a little taller than, say, a Palm Tungsten E, but about the same width (with a little elastic in the sides for stretching, if necessary), and it was fairly flat with a large open window for the screen and controls. A little leather velcro tab folded down atop to keep the PDA from slipping out. There was also a place for a fair size stylus to be inserted or hooked via a loop, and a little wallet pocket.

Thinking back, I'm thinking that these cases would have been excellent homes for Hipster PDAs. And it was selling for $4.99 ($4 USD).... I didn't get one because I already had two specialised cases for my Palm.




I use a Moleskine Japanese Album. This is the pocket-size variation with one long accordion fold-out.

I tore out about a third of it so it doesn't bulge with the index cards and tuck my cards inside. Depending on how many cards you carry, you can adjust how much you remove. The accordion paper also makes a handy place to stash receipts, etc.

(I chose this one rather than tearing pages out of a moleskine notebook because it makes a nice clean tear rather than having a bunch of stubs left at the binding.)

What also comes in handy is the elastic strap holding it shut: remove a card, lay it on top of the album with the edge tucked under the elastic, and it's held in place while you write, in a natural position ("PDA-style"), rather than having to hold it down with your thumb or some other awkward contortion. So really, it's a card holder and a writing surface all-in-one.

Much more useful and a whole lot cheaper than those fancy-shmancy leather covers.

Moleskine Memo Pockets?

If you're going to take this approach, wouldn't it be better to use the Moleskine Memo Pockets? That would give you instant categorisation, and you wouldn't (shudder) have to destroy your Moleskine in the process ;-)

Neal | http://porkpop.blogspot.com/

Memo Pockets

I have done just that - my sleek little accordian file has a pocket for calendars, to do lists, to get lists, projects, reference and blanks. I wrote the titles on the clear part of a post-it tab in case I change my mind. It is a bit bulkier than a moleksine notebook, not really pocketable, but I carry everything in a bag anyway.

Memo Pockets Plus

I've been using the Memo pocket in much the same way - reference and storage for things I don't need all the time.

When I started using the hipster, I thought I'd finally done away with the need for a notebook, but I recently (finally!) found a Moleskine retailer here in Seoul (the Memo's from Canada), and I caved and bought the pocket Cahiers. You know, just to test the paper with my fountain pen ink (I've been using Clairfontaine and Miquel Ruis notebooks for a couple of years, and staying away from the Moleskines because of their poor reputation re: fp ink). Sigh, once a fetishist, always a fetishist.

But anyway, I've taken to carrying one of the Cahiers strapped to the front of the Memo via the Memo's elastic. Same size cover of course, and it adds very little in terms of thickness/bulk. Best of both worlds, I suppose.

At a Glance

I'm currently using an At-A-Glance Executive sized planner cover for my hipster. I found it at Office Depot - $6. It's checkbook length, and so just a bit bigger than my ideal case, otherwise good. I pulled all the preprinted calendars and such out, and just restocked it with index cards. It has generous pockets on both flaps, plus business card slots. While it doesn't have a pen loop, the right hand flap has a clear plastic flap (stitched in at the right hand side, but open on the other three. Each morning, I run a shell script to generate a sorted @work action list, print and trim and tuck it under the plastic. Very handy, and so far it's been working out.


I just shove the stack in my pocket and go like that. I find that even a cover, let alone a case, just keeps me one step further away.

Sure, my stack gets a little beat, but for me that is part of the charm. I am amazed at how well the pages wear. I've got some pages that have been carried for months and are worn only around the edge.

The top page does get hammered, but I'm updating/replacing that often so it is not a prob. I used to use a paperboard back cover, to make the stack stiffer for writing. It also protected the pages from my..umm..posterior. However, I find I don't really need it.

Here's what it looks like:


Ductster Mod 2? plastic page lifters and duct tape.

Hi all (my first post)

I have made a couple of cases (slip covers/envelopes) out of
plastic page lifters (from 3 ring binders, I had some that were
about 8x10") or those flexible plastic portfolios and the "handyman's
secret weapon".

Just cut pieces out of the plastic using a VERY sharp knife and a
metal ruler as a guide (I go about 1/8" larger than the cards on
3 sides. Then tape the plastic covers together with the duct.
You tape them together on one side (I like the left edge) and then hold it closed with the binder clip on the edge opposite the tape.

It is easy to vary the thickness of the whole unit by how much space you leave between the covers when taping them up (like varying the
thickness of a spine of a book). Then another piece of duct to cover
the sticky bit between the covers on the inside , a bit of trimming and it is done.

Vary the color of plastic, color of duct tape, flexibility of the plastic to taste.
Even use clear plastic tape (or fancy laminating film if so inclined)
to put an image on the cover, This also helps to tell the front from
the back.

Comfort in the pocket really depends on the thickness of plastic and thus its flexibility.

Resizing is as simple as removing the tape and making the spine
thicker or thinner. Or just cut the tape and put a new piece over the
old but I am just a bit too AR for that.

Now that I think about it .. wouldnt be too much harder to have
several plastic pieces and make divided sections by adding on to the
unit. Or add a duct tape pocket on the inside of the cover for
cards .. or a duct tape loop for a pen(cil).

I like the basic black version .. fairly thick black plastic and
some not so shiny black duct tape I found at a craft store.

Cant post any pics now (at work) .. but if the mood strikes me
I will when I get home.


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Homemade case from paper

My HPDA case is a paper case inspired by the Ductster. I didn't care for the look-and-feel of duct tape, so I manufactured the same basic idea from paper, scotch-taped together.

After tweaking it through a few versions, I have a 3.5 by 7.25 inch case which unfolds to 7 by 7.25. There are four pockets on the inside and two on the outside. I can comfortably keep around 20 or 25 cards in the pockets.

I'm keeping agenda lists and calendars in one inside pocket, and context lists and intake cards (intake = new stuff I've written down and not yet processed) in another.

The other two inside pockets hold any cards that I want to keep separate for whatever reason, and the outside pockets hold blank cards.

This may seem to some like over-organizing. When I started with the HPDA it seemed like I spent a lot of time shuffling through my stack of cards. This arrangement helps me find the card I'm looking for more quickly.

Correction to size

Oops, bad typing. My holder actually measures 3.5 by 5.25 folded, and 7 by 5.25 when open. Slightly larger than the 3 x 5 cards, in other words.

I was planning to go with

I was planning to go with the "Moleskine as card holder" idea for my 3x5 cards but it would be great if you could put up a picture of this paper constructed holder. It sounds almost like origami. Your description is good but there's nothing like a picture. :)

With work it's best to just start.

Alternative to cardboard

I haven't tried it yet, and will post pictures after I do, but I've been thinking of using plastic from an empty milk jug for durable covers.

'Ringing' the hPDA

I've been using thick card stock for my hpda with clips attached -- no covers, no cases, and I find that it is extremely durable. The clips though are annoying -- but I haven't been able to find a neat way of punching a hole and ringing the hpda. seems to me, that some part of the pda always gets cut-off or Im stumped on what kind of 'ring' to use ?
Anybody feel like helping ?

How geeky is this?

I was wrestling with the same question of how to "transport" my 3x5 cards, aka my Hipster PDA. I remembered I had found by chance the epitome of true geekiness in a local office supply store somewhere, the POCKET PROTECTOR! Yes folks, that symbol of ultimate geekness the plastic pocket protector that fits in your front shirt pocket so that ink from your drafting pen doesn't leak all over the front of your shirt. This was a package of three in clear but smoky plastic.

Guess What? 3x5 cards fit exactly into these particular pocket protectors with a 1/4 inch tab of plastic at the top back side. Since my front shirt pocket is my favorite place for paper of all sorts, the pocket protector was a shoe in, or a shirt in, or whatever. It's also very easy to look down and use color or sequence to find just the card you need. And the clear plastic allows you to read or look at the front and back cards. I dare say there were engineers twenty years ago who did this same thing as a matter of course.

I just hope no one actually notices that it is in fact a Pocket Protector. Then I'd have to start wearing tape around the center of my glasses and have my shirt constantly and partly untucked. Oh, and I'd have to laugh with a snort. :)

With work it's best to just start.

You forgot to mention

the partially loosened tie with yesterday's lunch on it....

Levenger used to have a leather pocket-pack that was pretty scrumptious, but of course you wouldn't be able to read the cards through it.... (heh, yeah, in case anyone has wondered, I spend HOURS drooling over the Levenger catalogs....)

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I was just in Target

I was just in Target yesterday when I saw this 3x5 index card wallet with a flap cover (that would hold a card for quick-use in said cover) for sale for $5.99. I didn't get it as I can't decide if I want to trick out my HPDA or go with a full planner solution. But, it looked like it might hold about 20+ card comfortably. It wasn't very sturdy, so I don't think it would be a good pocket solution, but it was attractive, and I think overall, it would be a good solution.

I believe I own that case,

I believe I own that case, but don't use it. I was just looking at it this evening, actually.

The inside slap is nice, but the wallet doesn't hold many cards comfortably - maybe a dozen. the major problem for me was that when you have any more than a couple cards in the wallet, it interferes with easy operation of the flap when a card is clipped in. The edge of the quick gets bent, and opening and closing the flap gets klugy.

Overall, I was a bit disappointed (although for $5, not terribly so).

After years of obsesive

After years of obsesive compulsive attempts at finding the perfect planner, and recently realizing that I now NEED to have my wallet with me all the time too, I finally started the DIY route, but it still didn't solve my wallet problem. I went to Staples and found a really nice Day Timers Jotter size planner with a wallet attached to it. it holds 3x5 cards perfectly and even came with two note pads and two plastic pouches (I keep one notepad in the back of the planner and my bus pass in one of the pouches). I had to modify the layouts of the cards slightly to give me the room to punch binder holes in them, but my writing is small so it doesn't bother me. There also isn't (to my knowledge) a hole punch that will punch the holes at the right spacing for this planner, so I use the size up version and just do two sets of three holes.

Probably not a great solution for guys, who don't carry purses (well, most don't) and probably prefer to have everything in their pants pockets, but it's very small (the size of an average woman's wallet) and fits nicely into a purse or other bag.

Hipster Case Recommendation


First off, great site! -- I love the templates. Will you have an entire set of GTD for the classic edition when 3.0 comes out? I hope so. After finding this site, I cashed in my "purchased" planner and built my own!

As to the hipster. This was perfect for my wife who's not a Palm/Pocket PC person or one to carry around a planner itself. I built her a case from a spare file folder I had lying around my office. A few quick slices from the guillotine paper cutter and I had built her a case that she holds together with a small binder clip. I'll try to take a pic soon but there are some on the 'net. I just couldn't find one like mine right away. I simply folded it at the base fold about a 1/4 inch and then went out 3 x 5 with the sides adding a few inches on the far right side so that when you fold it around your cards, it makes a nice side flap that you close with the binder clip.

It's funny...My kids want one now so they can customize the case with stickers, gel pens, etc...all this technology and they are stoked about 3x5 cards in a homebrew case!

Excellent site!

Levenger catalog latest edition

has a new yummy leather case for 3x5 cards. I might even have to try the HPDA just so I can have an excuse to buy the case....

NOTHING is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool! [Silvermoon's Law]

I'm quite pleased with my

I'm quite pleased with my current incarnation of cover, mainly owing to how cheap I could do it and the possibilities for customizing it.

I used Scott Lawrence's tab pages (http://patsy.cis.rit.edu/Text/hipster/HipsterTabCards.pdf) to create the cover using two of the full length tab pages (bottom right on the PDF) and cutting them out of the back of a used up legal pad. Nice stiff cardboard. I used an old manila folder to create the tabs for the individual sections: Calendar, Projects, Someday/Maybe (still new to the GTD stuff), a blank I haven't decided what to do with yet and a Reference/To File section in the back.

I used two strips of the clear sturdy packing tape like you get at the post office to tape the front and back covers together, leaving about .25" for the stack. I use the hipster forms from this site printed on plain paper and voila!

I carried an iPAQ for about 3 years before deciding it was just a bit too finicky for me. I think I'll keep it around for holding electronic documents and maybe jingler reminders. It works quite well as a voice recorder too - one-click and you're recording - so that's another inbox for my "stuff." I have yet to figure out a convenient and reliable means of carrying it, though.

So far, I just love my hipster. It goes any place I am with pockets and is minimal to the point of giddiness. :P The thing I'm trying to figure out yet is the clip. I use a binder clip and it's ok, but it does have a few sharpish edges that I have to contend with. I'm almost to the point of taking a file to it, but I'm not sure that would help. If anyone has suggestions of things they've tried that have clipped a hipster together, I'm all ears. Thanks! Great site!


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Holding cards together

I haven't tried this (don't have hipster, though the idea's appealing)--but I think you could purchase one of those plastic strip things that are made to hold reports together along the long (11" US) side of the pages, then cut several clips of the right size out of it, and since it's plastic rather than metal it might make for a more comfortable setup. Without one at hand I can't experiment, but I've used them for reports and would estimate that the capacity might be about 15-20 cards maximum. Any sharp edge where you cut the thing could easily be rounded off with sandpaper, etc.

I know the plastic

I know the plastic strip/clip things you mean. Including the front and back covers, my hipster is probably ~ 5/16" thick. I'd have to give some thought to how the clip could be opened or pried apart to grab on to the cover. Perhaps you/I could retain the plastic report cover, cut it to size and use it as the hipster case. I think I've seen something like that, although the exact place eludes me. This is sort of what I'm thinking, but in order for it to be secure enough for my liking, I'd want it closed on both ends, in which case I'm back to some sort of clip.
Morning person by habit, not by nature.

Hipster clip

I messed around with different things to hold my hipster together, elastic bands, black clips, an envelope and nothing was working for me. I keep it in my back pocket (I'm not to the point of carrying a purse yet, but very close) and the clips get caught and elastics break and are not convenient for my system of use.
I was browsing through the stationary store and the answer appeared right in front of me. A butterfly clip! I do not have a camera or I would show one here. It is the perfect clip for me. It has no sharp corners to get caught on my pocket and easily comes on and off. I can pull a page out of the middle and insert it in the front with no trouble at all. It is also strong enough to keep all the pages together. I think that it is the ideal piece of equipment to keep a hipster together.

Poetic justice of a sort

I have a Dell Axim x50v and I love it, but it isnt always practical to carry in my pocket (even in it's rhino-skin case). I would hate to have to use it in bad weather and such, and frankly I have, and will always be, fond of the last 4 inches of a real pencil. A little nub of writing utensil that fits perfectly in a pocket or behind an ear or under a cap. So, I switch off with my Paper pda printed onto 3x5 peices of paper that I meticulously cut out after printing various templates from this site. I have found that my stack fits perfectly into the standard issue microfiber case that came with my axim! Nicely, it is rigid enough that it is easy to write on.


Binder Clips and a home-made cover

I thought I would link my image http://www.diyplanner.com/node/401 to this thread just for fun. I also previously posted an image of my first hipster that used a single caribiner to bind them all together, but after a few comments that it looked like I was carrying a stack of my recipe cards, I decided to come up with a bit more conference room ready look. I'm not sure I have acheived the perfect look but I have achieved perfect functionality without the stares. I created it with some black card stock and hockey tape and 1/2 inch binder rings. I first cut 4 black cards slightly larger than the 3X5 cards to acheive the binder look. Then I glued two cards together for the front cover and two cards together for the back. I bound them together with red hockey tape. I laid down some tape then put the cards about a half inch or so apart at the spine (the tape) and then put some more tape on the inside so that the tape's sticky sides adhered each other and the edge of the cards. Then I trimed off the excess tape with scissors. Since the cloth tape is flexible it easily bends all the way back to allow for laying flat or folded backwards. As you can see, when completely shut it looks like a regular book. I always carry the hipster in my front pocket of my pants and it is surprisingly durable.


Where did you find the binder clips? I haven't seen 1/2".

Be blessed!
~Rachel <><

Oxford Poly Index Card Binder - are they available ?

I found this web page on plastic index card binders:


However, I can't find out where to buy them anywhere (let alone where I could lay my hands on one in the UK!).

Does anyone have any ideas where I could get them ? They look like they may be a great cheap binder.


Oxford a Poly :O

Esselte, the parent company, doesn't maket their Oxford card binders in the UK as far as I'm aware, only North America. Have you tried e-mailing them?

Oxford Poly binders for 3x5 cards

OK - I have emailed Esselte and a number of other firms who advertise these things. Keeping my fingers crossed. So far a UK supplier of Esselte products has replied saying they "don't supply this product". :-(

Artlite Stationery Store - Atlanta


This is a retro stationery/office supply store with a separate area for fine pens and organizers.
It is the one stop shopping place for GTD/DIY Planner items, moleskine, european and japanese notebooks and stationery.

They have the complete line of Oxford index card items including the binder and prepunched cards and portrait lined 3x5 cards. They also have some interesting small (1/2-1 inch thick) plastic holders for 3x5 cards - both snap open and flip top box.

The website is not a shopping catalog so email Q&A will help you find what you need and also info on international shipping.

I have no financial interest in this business.

Oxford Poly feels cheap...

I saw one of these Oxford Poly binders at Office Depot. It was cheap looking and feeling. The two hole punch is not standard and doesn't look like it would hold up very well. I bought the accordion pocket holder mentioned below.

3x5 size Binders/Products From the Mead website

47869 Cambridge Homeâ„¢ Organizer - Mini
47871 Cambridge Homeâ„¢ Organizer - Mini
47873 Cambridge Homeâ„¢ Organizer - Mini
50594 Brights® Index Card Dispenser 3 x 5 (looks interesting if you can find it anywhere.
I use the Mead Organizer Agenda #47886 which I bought at Wal-Mart.

From poking around Google it appears Mead has had a leetle trouble with the DOJ over importing products. I didn't read the whole document, but it makes me wonder why there are products in the stores right now that we can never seem to locate on the company websites. It's not just Mead, I am seeing this with quite a bit of stuff. Maybe it's more than web content folks running behind.

Mead Index Keeper--like Moleskine memo pocket

I found this at Office Depot last night--a 6-pocket accordion file for 3x5 index cards. It comes in a variety of colors, includes 25 index cards, has a nice elastic band closure, nylon cloth cover. For about $5. It expands to 5 and a half inches when I stretch it open, but closed (empty) it's half an inch thick. Sturdy paper accordion pockets. I got a red one, so I'd be able to spot it in my purse or if I put it down somewhere. I'd thought about getting a Moleskine memo pocket but it isn't really very expandable, and I didn't want to buy into the hype.

Item number 63076.

I bought one as well.

I bought one as well. It's a great little device. As you said, it reminds me of the moleskin that I also carry for quick notes. It seems sturdy and is available in colors. Mine is beige. It's a personal victory for me to not buy it in black, like everything else I slip into my briefcase.

Pocket PC accessories being used for Hipsters

The sleeve for an old iPaq 3600 series Pocket PC will hold 10-15 3x5 cards quite nicely. Similar sleeves can be bought from casesonline.com under the h3000 or h5000 series of iPaq cases.

Cases for Hipster Cards

Check out www.scanplan.com/index1.html .

They have all kinds of pages and planners. Some can even be incorporated into regular letter planners. Some are pocket sized. Some pages can be hung in files for storage. Very versatile. Site also has all kinds of ideas on how to use index cards.

Simple Case for my hipster

(First Post so be kind)
I switched over to the hipster after my computer ate the novels I have been working on for months. I had 2 color's of index cards so i had my tabs.
Next I found 2 long term storage locations one for the empty cards and one for the data i need to save. The Empty cards are saved in a plastic tub similar to a baby wipes container. The data I need saved is in a candy box becuse its huge and very sturdy. I have Colored paper acting as dividers for the time being.
Now I needed to carry it around and the binder clips I had kept breaking. I slipped it into a 32 slot $ store brag book (photo album). It works it's not as fancy as some of the others that I have heard described but I had all this stuff laying around the house ( I built this during Christmas so there where lots of boxs of chocolates from vistors.)
I hope this gives someone ideas when they build thier kits

The Dangers of One Copy

(I tried to post a reply earlier today but I haven't seen it yet on the thread and I don't think I was successful - which is good, as I wasn't as kind as I should have been. If that post does show up, my apologies; otherwise, let me try again.)

Mary: It's great that you've discovered the joys of a Hipster PDA and you've been marvelously creative in your storage. Good job!

A few comments on something you said earlier in the post:

"...after my computer ate the novels I have been working on for months."

It sounds like you moved to a Hipster because of a computer failure. This may not have been your main reason for doing so, but these are still painful words to someone like me who used to work in IT support. Like everything in our physical universe (including our cars, refrigerators, etc.), computers do fail. In classes I've taught I've warned folks that if there's something they can't afford to lose, always make sure there's at least one other copy at another location (e.g., not on the same computer's hard drive).

Moving from a computer to paper won't necessarily protect you from loss if you have only one copy of what you're writing. Paper is subject to liquid damage, fire, and (especially with small things like the Hipster), being misplaced or stolen. Losing one's Hipster after months of use would have the net affect of a hard drive failure; you're still out all that work.

My point is that whatever medium you use (and bravo to everyone here who's embracing paper over electrons), make copies and store them somewhere else. Don't feel safe just because you're writing on paper.

There. I'll get down off the soapbox now (I was getting dizzy anyway).

Various models for holding index cards

I recently came across a web site that sells various models of holders for index cards. Any comment on the potential practicality of the models by experienced users?

 Pocket Models…various models holding 10 to 12 index cards: http://www.scanplan.com/miva/merchant.mv?Screen=CTGY&Store_C...

 Planners…hold various numbers of index cards in assorted sizes of lightweight vinyl folders: (including a trifold holding 96 cards that folds into 6x12 ) http://www.scanplan.com/miva/merchant.mv?Screen=CTGY&Store_C...

 Scan pages… various single pages holding 21 or more index cards that can be used in your existing planner: http://www.scanplan.com/miva/merchant.mv?Screen=CTGY&Store_C...

Thanks for your input!

Correction on Pocket Models' web address

FranklinCovey 3x5 goodness

I saw this at the local Office Depot - it's pretty nice. Comes with several FC prioritized task list cards. It's nice black leather; the left side has several business card slots including one with a plastic see-thru window. Behind this is a slide pocket. The right side has a slide pocket with 3x5 card holder (top and bottom bands of leather). The case opens at the top like a wallet to hold money or whatnot. Can't find this item on FC's website... interesting. Maybe they are trying out this product to see what the demand turns out to be?


It appears to be pretty much identical to the Levenger Int'l pocket briefcase, except it is only $15US instead of $48.

4x6 Snapshot Hipster

A variation in my kit is the use of 4x6 index cards – the same size as Kodak snapshots, rather than 3x5 cards. I found I was more comfortable handling the larger cards, they hold more information, and they are a standard printing format for virtually every inkjet and laser printer,

I love binder clips and appreciate duct tape (in its place,) but was uncomfortable going into a client meeting with either as a Hipster Card Holder. Using 4x6 cards opened up a whole new family of card (read photo) holders.

My Hipster Card Holder is a small portfolio designed to hold 4x6 photo prints. It is made in a black, smooth vinyl by Ultra-Pro (www.ultra-pro.com Photo Wallet - Stock #71034-O.) About $6.00.

Where do you get 4x6 Hipster D*I*Y Cards? Fortunately, Doug has provided these as well.

Just use Doug's graphics files for 3x5 cards. "Insert" the graphics files into a "blank" 4x6 document in a word processing or page layout program, "stretch" or "resize" (depending on the program you are using) the 3x5 image to fit the 4x6 document and save the file. Instant 4x6 card.

The final advantage of my Snapshot Hipster PDA is that allows me to carry the most important “card” of all, a real, 4x6 photo of my grandson.

(Photo of Snapshot Hipster in Gallery http://www.diyplanner.com/node/730)


Since reading your comments a week ago, I have been looking for something similar. This evening I had to go to Barnes and Noble (hooray!) for a gift, and voila! I found a lovely black, thin, 4x6 photo album that will work nicely. It was 19.95, a bit more than I had anticipated. However, I am thrilled with it. Now, to get busy on needed templates. Thanks for a great idea!!

VERY functional leather wallet $16

This thing is great!
$16 at Office Depot.
Franklin Covey Leather Wallet
Holds maybe 20 cards once it gets broken in, probably more.
Credit card slots, ID window slot, bill holder.
I also add Day Timers smallest calendar with weekly & monthly calendars, inserting the front cover behind the credit card slots.
Pen pocket holds a Zebra F-301 very comfortably.
Card holder keep a card ready to be written upon.
All this fits in a front or back pocket easily.
I have put it in a zip lock bag for hiking, biking, etc.

International Pocket Briefcase

For $16, this is an awesome alternative to the Leveneger International Pocket Briefcase if you don't want to drop the $58 to $68 bucks for a Levenger version.

I am but a simple caveman.

I use a broken Palm Pilot

I use a broken Palm Pilot that I stuff index cards in...

or case?

Palm Pilot or case for one? If you really mean Palm Pilot I gotta see photos !

I use one of these...

RhinoSkin - 00294 - Universal ClipPak Case - Large
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I laminated some of the interior cards for dividers and were using those for covers. At that time I got a belt case for a digital camera to carry the rig. Since then I got a couple scrap pieces of Lexan from work and the binder clip goes on that. It's a bit pokey in the pocket, but I like it. I also made a DIY Circa model with thick cardboard and Foam sheet covering that. I like the way it looks, hate the way the foam sheets fall off. The rings get caught in my pocket too.

In summation I carry my hipster in my front pocket with 1/16" Lexan covers.

PDA Holder

Arthur, at Reniassance Art, made my PDA holder and I could not be happier. It is made for left-handers and the right side compartment holds my week at a glance on a 3x5 card. I have the holder that is closed by a stud in the front. I absolutely love the thing! It fits in my purse and people drool when I take it out to make notes or consult my "Next Actions" list. Very classy!

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Cover with book ring

Made a cover from a thin flexible report cover. It looks a little like a Moleskine notebook at a glance. Single hole at top left through front and back of the cover, one book ring to hold the cards inside. About 40 cards inside.

my hipster case and mods

I use 4x6 cards cut in half to make a more convenient size for my smaller hands and pockets. I used the graphics package of the DIY templates and pasted the images into Publisher. I sized the graphics images to 3x4 and printed them onto colored cardstock to color-code my stuff. The case is made from an old Goldfish crackers box. I cut it to 4.25 inches by double the width of my cards (6 inches), plus the height of my stack (1/2 inch). It folds to make a simple cover. The coolest part of my cover is the "password protection" which enables my pen to function as the mechanism by which the whole thing is held together. I sized a tube made of the same crackers box to fit my favorite pen (girth) and the length of my hPDA (4.25 inches), and then cut it in half. I used strong book tape to tape one half to the front cover, and one half to the back cover, and then when I put my pen through both half-tubes, it holds my whole stack shut. It is the best! I have been thinking of other boxes to use in order to pirate their cool graphics!


That sounds really cool. Can you post pictures?

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