new to planner usage and just wondering if there are some general notes or suggestions regarding using the forms. For instance what do all the symbols on the harmony forms mean? Bit strapped for cash at the moment and will investigate the Getting things done book soon but in the meantime any pointers in how to get organized and progress from ineffectually using to do lists would be a great help.


Joanna in Australia

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Here's Doug's Intro...

G'Day Joanna, and Welcome! It's always nice to see an eager new face on the site.

The description of the Harmony form (the icons, and all that jazz) can be found here. It's Doug's original post on his form.

Good luck on your planner and GTD efforts.


Welcome Joanna!

Check out the DOCUMENTS tab on the top of the page. There are many resources located there and one in particular explains the many different forms: DIY Planner Handbook 3.0.

Hope this helps!

nay nay