gtd-php application

I was cruising around Flickr looking for more hipster pictures and came across a screen shot of an application called "gtd-php".

Has anyone heard of this or ever downloaded it? Here is the description they give on the site gtd-php dot com... "Welcome to the wiki for gtd-php. gtd-php is a web based implementation of the Getting Things Done personal organization system. This wiki serves as the community brainstorming bucket, as well as a place to start documenting the program and outlining the development path. "

This program looks pretty cool as it is all based on the forms you find here at DIY... Let me know if any of you have heard of it or use it!

nay nay

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Interesting find!

That's a very interesting find, nay nay. I hadn't seen it before, but it looks kinda fun to play with. Would be spiffy if it would spit out printable DIY pre-filled-in forms, now, wouldn't it?