Host Not Found (O_o) Oh NOOOOOO!

Whew, but back up today.
Dear DIYPlanner Community!

So, I'm tweaking my current planner to ensure I have captured all the latest/greatest/
most functional forms and calendars for me. The tweaking never stops, but time often runs
out, usually when I should be actually *working* on something, not *thinking* about working!

And of course, I hopped on to late last week. But it wasn't there.

I thought 'well, there goes an incredibly useful and fun site, not like anything else out in www land (Pinterest, lots of pictures, but still not like diyplanner). I'm gonna miss it..a lot!'

And then I thought - 'is it REALLY gone?' So, I did a little internet research, and found the company that hosts the site, and called them. Yes, I did. I called them. They said it was still going...

'Okay, now what?' thought I. Why not go to the originator himself? More internet research turned up Doug Johnston's email, so I emailed him. Yes, I did! And he replied!! (SO NICE of him to reply, even though he was truly out of the office! Public thanks to Doug!) Happily, he said the site was still active, though the machine that housed it was down. But ygor was on it, and it should be fixed soon.

Ygor, thank you. It is. Fixed, that is.

DIYplanner is still relevant, and lots of fun to read and interact on the forums. I still look at pens when shopping, but mostly resist the temptation to buy, because I can use only one at a time. It's okay to want, though!

Anne O

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Yea! It's back!

It was a strange sensation that I felt when the site was missing. I tried it several times. I felt like a friend had moved on and forgot to tell me. I know, a little corn....y! But thanks to Ygor it is back!!!

I am happy to help out

I am working with Doug and the hosting facility to get some additional access so that I might be able to fix a problem like this in the future.

This site is personally valuable to me, mainly because of the membership. It is very satisfying to be able to contribute my skills to benefit a group like this - especially one like this who is generous with both their appreciation when things run smooth and their complaints when things do not work.

I help make the site what it is, technically, but you all are what REALLY make the site.

I am here for you folks. Holler when you have a gripe and I will do what I can.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson) ***

Yesssss, it's back!!!

I felt like Zippytex, I kind of wondered if I'd done something rude to make DIYPlanner go away like in a clumsy relationship, lol.
I am so glad DIYPlanner is back. I've spent the last few days thinking of all the templates I should have downloaded and may never see again, lol.
Thank you Ygor and Doug!
the moving cursor having written, blinks on ...

I panicked and thought it had gone for good.

I panicked and thought it had gone for good. But my computer is sometimes a bit weird, so I blamed it on that and decided to postpone full mourning until I got a chance to try again from a different computer and hey! it's back now. Hello, old friend.