Using Paper with e-calendaring

I like paper. I always have. Where paper breaks down for me is in an e-calendaring environment. My office (and my two prior employers) assume that any time in my online calendar that is not scheduled is available for a meeting. (I have lots of meetings.)

This means that if I use a paper calendar, I have to keep the two calendars synchronized -- manually.

For anyone else that has lotsa meetings and has to maintain an e-calendar, I'd like to hear how you deal with this issue when using paper.


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No way from synchronizing

No way from synchronizing manually. I used to work in such environments, too. Only chance to come out alive is to schedule time you need for working as meetings, too.


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Just print it.


Can you print a copy of your e-calendar, and put the hardcopy in your physical planner?

That will sync the paper to what's on the computer and knock out half the problem.