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Hi all!

In conjunction with paper, I use a tablet. I really don't care for Apple products so I stick with Android tablets. I believe that both Apple and Android have their finer points as well as their drawbacks. But for me, Android with its flexibility is the lesser of the two evils. That said, I would love to hear what Android apps people use/have/love/hate/ditched/want and what you know/like/dislike about them. I apologize if there is already a similar topic. I searched but didn't find anything. If I missed something, please bring it to my attention as I don't want to duplicate efforts. Thank you ever so much! I am currently trying out I love that it has a user website that allows me to do a lot of setup on my computer, which is much easier than doing it on the tablet. I don't love that I can't figure out how to input my budget with the bills that I need to pay. And I love/hate the categorization of my transactions that makes me see how much $$$ I spend on junk.

evernote: I am still testing this out. I would have preferred google keep just because I love all things google but my browser at work doesn't support google keep and I really need something that can go from website to app. I am still learning the features, including how to manage files offline on my tablet.

astrid: I really miss astrid and am looking for a replacement to-do list app. Any suggestions?

I'm also looking for a document syncing app that allows me to access my files on various devices Any suggestions?

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I am trying out Trello for listy seems very flexible for holding all kinds of info you want to organize for various projects. I didn't care for astrid because of the cutesy reminders, honestly. Trello doesn't seem to have any, but I didn't want any anyway.

I like Toggl for tracking time spent on things (I'm a consultant).

OurGroceries is also awesome for shopping lists and other reusable lists. Like Toggl and Trello, it backs up to the cloud and can synch to different devices.

For file synching, I have heard that dropbox is very useful. I don't use it personally, but I know folks who do.

Disclaimer, I use an Android phone, rather than a tablet. Haven't seen the tablet interface on any of these.


Tablet Apps

Wunderlist is a good listmaking app

GQueues is my current leading contender, unfortunately, the mobile app costs $25 a year

Google Drive for tablets seems to be working well, so far

Since my home computer is running Ubuntu, I use Ubuntu One to sync documents accross platforms - it's been working great for years now

ToMarket for my shopping list on my phone


Found out we ARE allowed to download google chrome at work...completely life changing.

So now I'm using Google Keep and Google Drive - both are available on my phone. My everyday tablet is not equipped to handle Google Keep, but I'm fine with it just being on my phone. I especially love the transcription of voice notes.

I'm still not happy with Google's native to-do list and was really disappointed that Astrid is no longer available. I need the ability to repeat tasks. Right now, I'm using paper for my to-do list.

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