At the risk of committing D*I*YPlanner blasphemy, I was just wondering, why hasn't anyone created templates in Word? I like word docs and it would allow more flexibly (I think). I kinda suck at .pdf, so I could be wrong.

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I'm Glad You Said It

Since I only own the "Reader" (pronounced "FREE") version of Adobe Acrobat, I cannot create/edit anything in pdf format. A Word version would be helpful for me too.

How long do you REALLY Need Acrobat Pro?

Go to the Adobe Website and download the 30 day FREE trial of Acrobat Pro!
This will allow you to convert pdf files into Word or OpenOffice,
once in Word format (or whatever) they (the Templates) should be be like any other document.


Cut and Paste

If you just want to manipulate combinations of forms to be printed and perhaps make simple additions of text etc., you can cut and paste from the pdf files (using the free Acrobat Reader) into Word. (Oddly, I've found it best if you cut out the image if it's large.) Admittedly, this is limited, and sometimes the results are sub-optimal. However, for simple tweaks, it works. You can cut and paste pieces of form elements, e.g. I created a checklist divided into morning, afternoon, and evening. I've done this with Visio (easier to manipulate pasted sections) as well as make some of my own templates in Visio.

You can create PDFs with

You can create PDFs with OpenOffice.org, which is free (both meanings). There are also OpenOffice files for many DIY templates and the widget kit, etc.

I'm with you

I wouldn't mind some Excel files either. I have never worked with pdf or Open Office, just word and excel.

nay nay

Use the OpenOffice, Luke

This is the main link:

Portable Open Office is a bit easier to install, especially on work machines where you may not have admin-install permissions:

And it is FREE -- unlike the Dreaded Redmond-Virus::Werd

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Flexibility of WORD???

OpenOffice is an open source, cross-platform office-suite, that permits you not only to create all kind of office documents in the 'native' OpenOffice format, but - if you like, or if it's needed by your relations - also in .doc-format.
But OpenOffice (which is free, free like in 'free beer' and like in 'freedom of speach') also allows you to export your documents as pdf-documents, without purchasing Adobe stuff.

So, I think OpenOffice is far more flexibel than Word (that I cannot run on my computer...(Linux).)



I think we have a couple of reasons why nobody's done much with Word or Excel, even though they're quite standard.

1. Mastermind of site/originator of method uses a Mac.

2. Word & Excel ain't cheap like OpenOffice, and they're not really cross platform either.

That said, they work OK for templates. I have to say though, that now that I've played with the widget kit, I'll never go back to Word for designing the basic form. I can make the form itself in Draw and do a mail merge with OpenOffice that is slick and fast and easy. I *love* the Duplicate feature in Draw and how easy it is to manipulate the lines and boxes and stick them just where I want them.

I sure wish Base was more like Access, though. I am crippled when I try to do fancier things in Base (like a dang report!).


GTD 8.5X11 MSWord Templates

I found that someone has submitted 8.5 X 11 Word templates under GTD articles.

Word templates

I like the Open Office templates--the design is great, but I don't want to go into new software and learn it in order to make some modifications--I feel like the black bars are a waste of toner, for example. So I'm still doing my very simple, basic planners in Word. I recently uploaded a planner (Classic size) with six months to a page going through 2009, which may be posted soon. And I've got a Classic size week to a page planner for 2007 which I'll upload tonight--also a one day per page 2007, Classic size.

When I first posted a Word planner Doug said he has no problem with Word templates. I get the impression that he's a practical, eclectic person.

Re: classic word templates

I can't wait to DL the Word Templates, Thanks GG.