How I Index and Use Index Cards (3x5)

Today I was reading my favorite blog Searching4Arcadia and his latest post got me writing about how I index my Index cards.

I would love your input on this and I know there are ways to improve it.

You can read my post at my blog site


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More fuel for thought

I came across this site a few weeks ago, and read about this guy's experience on using quad ruled index cards.
(edit: added new URL since the creator of this made his own site for just this idea.)

Ever since finding it, I've been using it to record my daily thoughts and find it quite fun and easy to use. Even more easier than breaking things down on the various planner forms. Yesterday, however, I combined some project cards along with a quad ruled Discovery cover sheet card and think I've found a perfect system for storing all these cards.

Anyways, the site makes for a very good read and may change your perspective on how you use quad ruled cards. At some point I hope to be able to present you all with an article on how I work but I'm still trying to figure out how to put it all into words. LOL

Happy holidaze,

Lobster Quadrille...

Hi Alan

From what I remember of record cards (which is surprisingly little) and paper (which I know intimately) the main problem was lack of storage space. Microfiches took care of that. Next the sheer volume of data. How could one ever publish with all these sources to look through? To be thoroughly useful, one must be digitalised. Of course the equipment is expensive and if one makes a keyword error or does not manage to get on the first three pages of a 'Google' search... :O I would imagine the main problem is indexing and cross referencing all the data one captures, the same as with any filing system. I like the idea of a simple A - Z filing system I am just not convinced it will work with more than a few hundred entries. Therefore the question should be can anyone remember how we did 'it' before microcomputers.

Interesting concept inno. I have about 800 sheets of A4 size squared paper in my draw - What can I say, it was very affordable for Clairfontaine. :S I also have a Pilot dark blue, 3mm, 'pigment' pen which I begged off a friend from Japan. Although I have to say I prefer a fountain pen to the Pilot's fibre tip.. I hope you will both continue to share your finding with the D*I*Y community in the new year.

Merry festival season to one and all, even Chinese shoe salesmen. ;)