Web page appearance

Has something changed? The site is almost unreadable to me. I'm using Firefox 2.something and the site appears as black type on the dark brown leather background.

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re: web page appearance

No looks fine from here explorer (IE-7)

visual oddities


The only problem I have (with IE) is that the buttons disappear on the 'recent posts' page. They actually never show up at all, even though I know they're there and they are clickable.

Might want to dump your cache if you haven't already..


No problem here. Could the

No problem here. Could the background image (white) be blocked by an ad blocker?

I sometimes have the same problem

I use firefox, too. Once in a while the page loads up just like you described. Usually it refreshes itself automatically and ends up looking fine. I've wondered what was causing it but haven't taken the time to try to re-create the situation. I suspect it may have something to do with the Chinese shoe ads.

See problem on initial load

I'm using Firefox 2 also, and see exactly what you're talking about on the homepage when I first go there. But then the rest of the page loads and a white area appears behind the text. Sometimes there's a little lag (when everyone is home and all four computers are accessing internet), but it always becomes readable eventually.