[Newbie] Horizontal Lines on a Portrait Index card with a Canon i550

Greetings DIY Planner community. I've been snooping around here for a few weeks after discovering this site through Lifehacker, and decided to create an account and share something I figured out last night. Hopefully this is not already thoroughly obvious to everyone.

I'm testing out the hPDA as a replacement for the memo pad that I carried around with me, but I had trouble finding a particular template that I wanted. Namely, I was looking for one that would let me have horizontal lines on an index card that was in the "Portrait" orientation. The solution I found was go to the Lined Paper PDF Generator here:


Set the document size to 3" x 5"
Minimum border: 0
Line Weight: 0.7
Line Spacing: 4 lines per inch (which is the same spacing as a ruled index card)
Light Grey (your preference, of course)

This produced the PDF. Now to print it. Printing onto index cards has always been challenging for me, since the minimum page width that a Canon i550 will accept is 3.54 inches. What ended up working for me was

1. On the Adobe "Print" screen, click Properties
2. Go to the "Page Setup" Tab in the Canon i550 Properties window, and set the Page Size to "Custom..."
3. Set the dimensions to 3.54" by 5"
4. Click OK TO go back to the Acrobat Reader Print window, and make sure that Auto-Rotate and Center is OFF.

When you print your index cards, be sure to use the sliding page alignment guard so that everything is more or less straight (I can never get my printouts to be perfectly centered and parallel with the edges).

I tried this out with the Hipster PDA B7L Weekly Planner template from the official DIY Planner, and it worked out pretty well as far as spatial considerations go. Two problems minor arose, however: printing on draft quality made ill-defined lines, and the leftmost border line that runs down the "Monday/Wednesday/Friday" boxes did not print.

Hope this helps, or at least isn't old news.

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