Recently on this site I have seen several references to "circa" or "rollabind", and didn't understand what they meant. Since receiving my first Levenger catalog a week or so ago, I now understand what circa refers to. I'm assuming that rollabind is similar.

What I don't understand is the advantage of circa over standard punched holes. What is the mystique all about?

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The mystique of circa...

The short story is that with Circa notebooks, you can move the pages around (yes, like a 3 ring binder), but you can also fold the front back just like a notebook. Many people complain about how bulky binders are even before you start throwing all of your pages into it. I find that the circa notebooks are extremely slim and I am sure I have almost 100 pages in mine. The notebook is only as thick as the paper is. This is what I find to be so wonderful about Circa!! :)
nay nay
P.S. Levenger also makes such wonderful paper...


Circa is a very versatile notebook with enough flair and cachet to squelch my Moleskine love affair. Heavy journal-writers and notebook-capture types will want to also order a set of bigger rings. Also: make sure you buy the dividers. Brent Dusing


I'm tempted to pick up a moleskine just to have one... I feel like I've been out of the loop for far too long... and now I have a circa ... lol.

seriously... is there a 12 step program for office supply / planner junkies?

my artwork


If there were, I wouldn't join, cuz I don't wanna be cured! This addiction is toooooo fun!!

12 Steps

Boy, how I wish there was a 12 step program for "people like us." I am seriously driving myself batty/nuts/crazy with my constant changes in planners. I think I have been here 4 months and in that amount of time I have gone from Moleskine, to Circa, to notebooks, to homemade notebooks, to mass-produced calendar things, and now I am back to Moleskine. UGH!

Here is my take on Moleskine - I just rcvd the weekly planner - pocket size - yesterday and I LOVE IT! There is something about the paper in the Moleskine. It is so smooth and yet thin - but thin is good for me in paper. Levenger's paper is soooo thick that I have a hard time "paging" through my Circa's and you have less paper in your planner then because it is so thick. I did, however, think about combining the two (Circa and Mole) like Chet did (see her pics on Flickr). She made a Circa 3X5 notebook out of a Moleskine... Intersting.

I guess I just got sick of punching paper all of the time. Now everything I need is in one notebook that is glorious to write in. I keep both work and personal all in one (which I couldn't do with my Circa - even using the large discs, I couldn't fit everything).

So, as of right now, I am happy again. My checking account thought is yelling at me non-stop!!! I have gone overboard with spending and now I want the Leather Moleskine cover from Ren-Art. Like I said, I am driving myself CRAZY! But, I am sure having a lot of fun!

The search continues....
nay nay :)

office supply 12 step sign up?

I think if there was a 12 step program for office supplies I'd have to sign up. As long as I can be the one that will take the minutes. Can someone give me their Circa or Moleskine? ;-)

Anyway, I went from a very fat Classic size Franklin planner to a thinner one and now to a Circa/Rollabind combo but I still really like the Moleskine weekly planner + notebook and find myself wondering how nicely that may fit in an Evergreen leather zipper binder along side my Circa notebook.


Same thing

Circa and RollaBind are the same product, I believe.

As to the advantage, speaking from my personal experience with it:
The rings hold papers/cards together as securely as rings with the added advantage of being very easy to add or remove pages.

Ever open a full ring binder and then drop it ? I have. :)

If your curiosity continues, I'd suggest buying one of the smaller notebooks or memo books so that you can have it in your hands and play with it. The pictures in the catalog do not always convey the usefullness of the item.
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How Circa/Rolla pages actually grasp onto discs <video>

There have been some great descriptions of how the Circa-perforated pages grasp onto and release from the binding discs. Yet, I realize it might still be a little difficult to visualize if one cannot experiment with a notebook first-hand.

So I thought a video might help - How-To: Replace Circa pages



Ok, first - Rollabind created the concept, and then later on Levenger licensed it and added value by slightly redesigning the rings and making top quality products that use this system.

For me, there are several advantages. The circa rings allow you to have a notebook that can fold back on itself instead of having to lie open on the desk. Wirebound notebooks can do this, but you can't rearrange the pages in wirebound notebooks. With circa, you can move pages easily. Second, since all the circa "holes" are spaced the same, you can put anything that is circa punched into your circa notebook. A business card, an index card, a map. Any rollabind or circa punched items will all fit the same ring spacing.

Plus, and let's not underestimate this, it's different and therefore fun and cool to experiment with!


I'm Convinced...

...enough to buy one. This new hobby of mine is starting to cost a few bucks! I've also been looking for a reason to try that Levenger paper.


One thing I recently saw on the Levenger site (after I bought my Circa) is the "Circa Starter Notebook." If I were you, I would purchase an item like this because it gives you more items to play with - instead of buying the notebook, then the colored paper, then the index cards and then the dividers. It comes all together and is only $12 in letter, junior or compact size! This is a GREAT deal, if you ask me! They just put it on the site (about a week after I bought about $75 worth of stuff!) That is how it goes!
nay nay
P.S. let us know what you think when you get it!

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my first comment was flagged, so here is the short version: Check out the Circa Starter Kit - this would be perfect for a person trying out the system! I wish they had it when I bought mine!

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Actually Atoma invented the concept, then Rollabind adapted it and Levenger licenced it.

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You Need One!

I put off the purchase of a Circa for a year because I was convinced they were just overpriced notebooks. I finally dropped $68 on the Junior and that led to the punch, the dividers, more paper, and supplies to make my own letter-sized notebook.

It's all very addictive.

I would second the idea of going with one of the Starter Kits that they sell now.


Circa Starter Kit

Let me know if there is anything you would like to see in future starter kits.

The idea behind the kits is to provide a similar experience to the custom sample notebooks made in the Levenger retail stores. The process of building and customizing a Circa notebook is best learned hands-on. These sample packs are designed to facilitate this. Maybe a video might convey the idea [ -sounds intriguing-]

The fun starts when you punch odd-sized inserts into standard-sized notebooks, as shb mentioned. 3x5's work well aside Jr pages in a letter notebook. Further, these contrasting sizes can facilitate portability options when used back-and-forth with a smaller notebook. There are some pretty creative implementations we've encountered from customer feedback. I've even seen some homemade plastic covers used like an A-frame to hold up a flip over desktop calendar.

--( I do work for Levenger, so my use of the word "fun" should be interpreted accordingly - but it's what I work around every day.) [At some point, maybe I could make a general announcement that removes the need for these disclaimers. Please PM me with any thoughts]

Circa starter kits etc

I am in the process of Circa-fying my previously 6-hole punched Compact planner, and so I ordered one of the compact sample packs. The quality is great - the included dividers are nice heavy plastic; I had expected cardboard from the photos. In fact they are almost too heavy; in order to lighten my planner I made my own out of thinner (and multi-colored!) plastic.

One peeve I had with the sample pack is how scrimpy it is on the number of pages provided. 5 pages just doesn't give someone (me, at any rate) enough to experiment with and still have a few to actually use in real life.

I am also confused as to the ring sizes of Circa vs. Rollabind. Do the Circa ring dimensions specify the outside diameter of the ring? Or the inner diameter? It seems like the Circa 1" *might* be a size that is in between two of the Rollabind sizes, and thus it would be a size I would like to have (you know, this ring is toooo small... and this ring is toooo big... but this ring is just right). $10 plus $10 shipping is bunch to dump on 22 pieces of plastic that might duplicate what I already have.

BTW, you mentioned custom sample notebooks...??? Reeeaaaalllyyyyy? That sounds so fun. I think you need to open a store in Kansas City or St Louis, don't you? ;)


circa in europe

I don't know if this is the right place to ask this question, but this thread made me curious to see the circa products. Since rasmussen works for levenger, could you tell me if and where I can find these products in the netherlands? I tried to e-mail rollabind, but got no answer from them.
thanks, Paulien

Curious about availability in Europe too...

I've the impression that the circa/rollabind system is the same as what the Belgian company Atoma ( is making since more than 60 years... but their products are definitely less beautifull, and they don't sell a punch, so you can only use their paper.
The levenger stuff is really beautifull, but I fear it's not availabel in standard European Sizes? (A4/A5)

Circa vs Atoma

Circa and Atoma are similar but different.
There is a US company that sells Atoma (
The discs and holes are close enough to be interchangeable in a pinch, but I believe that one would encounter more grief than convenience at trying to mix the two systems.

As far as size availability, just get the punch and the discs and (drum roll, please) Do It Yourself !!

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Netherlands - Atoma


I'm sorry; We don't offer Circa in Europe. However, AnnVR is right about Atoma. The perforations are slightly different, but it is similar. If you can get your hands on one of the ntoebooks, it might be worth some experimentation.

Alas, the punch is pretty nice to have to get the most out of the system. It's possible to run a single perforated page through a printer, but I've had very little luck with multiple sheets.

Print, then punch

Agreed !
Given how tempermental most printers/copiers are about their paper path, I have never attemped anything other than 3-hole punched paper.

"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Levenger's not available in

Levenger's not available in Malaysia, either. But I know of at least two Circa users in Malaysia. One of them is, er ... *looking around* ... me.

The shipping to Malaysia is expensive - sometimes the same as the cost of the items being shipped - and each time I tell myself, this is the last time I'm ordering from Levenger, but two hours later, I'm thinking of what I want to buy next.

In fact you are lucky guy.

In fact you are lucky guy. We, in Russia, even have no opportunity to order from Levenger - they have no delivery options for our country.

Atoma in Australia

The postage to Australia is too high for me to consider Levenger or Rollabind. My frugal nature objects to paying more for the postage than what I'm buying.

However, Atoma does have an Australian distributor so I might investigate it.

Our Man at Levenger...

Quote: ..."At some point, maybe I could make a general announcement that removes the need for these disclaimers."

As far as I am concerned you have already disclosed your link with Levenger in your profile therefore further disclaimers are unnecessary. However, as you have now been assimilated into the D*I*Y collective an article on the design and philosophy of Levenger papiery pr0n products would be most welcome. :)


That would be a neat article. And, how about a small virtual backstage tour for those of us who have never been to a Levenger store?


design/philosophy for paper products

Sardonios - Sounds like I've some work ahead of me. ;)

I think we've always designed around ideas; Mission statements sound an awful lot like press releases to me. Nonetheless, I think your suggestion for an article is intriguing.

Much of my reason for being here is to open up communication with all of this creative talent in the community. These kinds of conversations are invaluable. Maybe an interesting way to approach the article would be to open it up for collaborative contribution - I can describe some of our current approaches, while learning from others' suggestions where we should be heading.

Thanks for the suggestion.

shb - I'm brainstorming some ways to illustrate how the retail stores work - there might be some unique new platforms for virtual representation to experiment within.

Sage Nods


I know we've discussed this very thing in emails before. If you would like help crafting your article, I'd be more than willing to help you out with this.

It sounds like the time is right for your introduction and maybe a good article on what makes a good product... from your vantage point.

Happy Holidaze,

Levenger retail store in Columbus, Ohio?

Any change of opening up a Levenger retail store in the Columbus, Ohio area any time soon? I picked up a Rollabind notebook from Staples today... If Staples Rollabind vs. Levenger is anything like Target's versions of Franklin Covey planners, I'm sure there's a world of difference. Nothing beats going into a store and actually trying out the product and talking to staff that is knowledgeable about the product.

Circa and Rolla


Are the Circa and Rolla discs exactly the same? Levenger has 1.5" discs, but the Rollabind site doesn't have anything that big. If the holes are exactly the same, then one could get a cheaper Rolla punch and use the Levenger big discs..

*sigh* I just bought the Mead Ringdex, and I like it, but I've already stuffed it too full, so I had to get bigger rings (1.5 inch rings instead of the standard 1 inch rings), and I keep eyeballing the rolla/circa stuff because of the 360 degree open capability and repositioning without opening/closing rings.. I *really* don't want to drop $60 on a desktop punch, and I am deeply suspicious of the plastic personal punch. Had a plastic punch for Covey ring binders and they stank.

Ebay has 'crafters kits' of the Rolla punches with a tackle box full of rings for $100, which is the list price on the web site. There are NO circa punches on ebay at all..

*sigh* Why is the grass always greener on the other side of a $100 bill?


Circa ring diameters

Hi shris, it is confusing. I have all the sizes of the Rollabind discs, and two sizes of the Levenger discs. I think the two companies measure them differently; the 1/4" listed by Rollabind is, I think, referring to the inner diameter. It *seems* to be the same as the 1/2" listed by Levenger, in which case Levenger is probably specifying the outer diameter. If that is the case, then the new 1.5" Circa rings are larger than the largest Rollabind discs, which measure at about 1.25".


Circa and Rolla Comparison

Hey All,

Here is what I did: I bought a Junior Circa notebook at Levenger and then bought the paper punch at Rollabind because it was cheaper. They all work together. The actual hole is a little different shape between Circa and Rolla, but they all still work just fine. I also by extra discs from Rolla (actually eBay since the shipping is only a couple $'s vs $9 at Rolla). So, comparison wise, both companies work together. I buy the main paper products from Levenger and then the discs and punch at Rolla. Or, like shris mentioned, buy the Crafters Kits on eBay because you get a ton of discs and I believe you get the Rolla Paper Punch as well!

For more info, see my post "nay nay's levenger" or there is another post where we compared both products (forgot the name of the post though)...

Let me know if you have other questions - I can let you know my experience with these two products.

nay nay

Struggling on the hook


OK, I really need to hear the scoop on using these things. If you reposition the same paper a bunch of times, does it get damaged around the holes? Do they weaken and loose their ability to hang on after a while?

I am so struggling. I don't want to drop $60 on a punch, I really don't. I have trouble making up my mind to the $30 for a regular adjustable 3-hole punch, or even the $15 for a two-hole punch. Obviously if I was committed to the rolla/circa concept the punch would be of unlimited utility because it punches ALL sizes of paper (unlike Covey/Daytimer punches). The rings are even cheap enough that I don't have trouble with that. It's just the dang punch.

The fact that you don't find them used on Ebay tells me that people who bought them don't get rid of them.

Is it really that amazing? Is it really that much better for use and repositioning than a 3-hole binder? There are binders now that can be folded back on themselves (granted, they're not planner binders) so the space issue can be somewhat mitigated..

Give me some love stories and stories of how many times you've moved one piece of paper or business card or whatever around. Do you use inexpensive copy paper in your circa/rolla notebook? How about index cards?

The thing I have in mind is making a 3x5 book like the Mead Ringdex but with the circa/rolla rings instead. I have some applications in mind where repositioning would be extremely useful, and the thought of opening and closing the loose metal rings all the time just doesn't thrill me. My hands hurt.

I looked briefly at a Rolla notebook yesterday when I was at the store, and it seemed like peeling off a page and putting it back was pretty easy, I just couldn't really gauge how the paper would wear over time if I used inexpensive copy paper. I wish there was a 3x5 rolla notebook at the store I could play with. I might even buy one just to mess with it. I looked at Levenger, and the 3x5 notebook has perfed cards, which isn't quite the application I'm thinking of. I'm also not keen on paying for shipping. :)

Wah Wah Wah, the world isn't set up just for my convenience. :)

It doesn't help that I recently bought a Covey punch for Classic paper and now I'm not even using Classic paper. :) Anybody want one?


Idle Classic Punch

Shris I can relate to this post. I also recently bit the bullet and purchased a Covey Classic punch that I am currently using as a paperweight on my computer desk. The good news is that I have a plan in mind for future usage. Since becoming a DIY "regular", I have taken up journalling. My fairly new Classic binder (pronounced: door stop) will then be used to house my daily scribbles. Once I finally use up all of my Classic lined pages, I intend to purchase nice linen paper which will need to be cut and hole punched.

After reading this thread, I have decided to "wait and see" instead of jumping right in to buy a circa kit. I'm still trying to figure out how to incorporate my new Shirt Pocket Briefcase into my daily life. Adding yet another component may only cause more stress. I think I need to go on retreat to figure it all out.

Circa thoughts

Ok shris, here are my experiences. I've punched and used all kinds of paper from regular weight copy paper to heavy card stock to the really thin paper cut from a storebought planner (it had *maps* in it that I wanted!), to daytimer and franklin covey inserts.

The super-super thin paper really doesn't hold up well at all. The "wings" of the punched holes tear pretty much the first or second time you move it. If you don't move it, it's ok. Regular office weight paper works quite well, and also the Levenger weight papers and daytimer/FC papers. There are some pieces I've moved around maybe a half dozen times and they are still in good shape. I think there would be a limit to the number of moves, and a lot depends on your skill at attaching the paper to the rings - only do a few sheets at a time and press on either side of each ring, etc etc.

Card stock is the worst. Since it's stiffer, it isn't as resilient, and the wings get bent pretty easily. I'd say a 1/2 dozen moves would be ok, again depending on how careful you are.

I made my own dividers out of thinner plastic 3-ring dividers from the office store. I've moved those around dozens of times and they are fine. Thicker/stiffer plastics can get bent up, like the cardstock, but they still work ok.

One trick I often do is to put a piece of scotch tape along the punchable edge of the paper and then punch it; that gives some strength to the paper without adding a lot of bulk. I do this on reference sheets that I think I'll use for a long time.

Rollabind used to sell, and may still stock, a "comb" that you can use to push the papers onto the rings. This does help keep the paper in good shape but it's not something I use a lot mostly because I can't find it right now! :)


Thanks, Sarah!

Hi Sarah.

Thank you so much! That is golden feedback.

I saw that plastic comb doojiggy online somewhere and wondered what it was actually for. It said it was some kind of reinforcer..

It's interesting to me that cardstock would be worse than ordinary paper in terms of durability in motion. But the little wings are so small and cardstock doesn't want to bend much.

It sounds like the 24lb to 60lb paper is the best range. I think Levenger's is the 60, and ordinary copy paper is 20.. Cardstock seems to range from 67 to 110 at least in the stores I frequent.

Anyone else have stories of moving their papers around?


more on circa

Hey shris!

If you want to buy a punch, I would purchase the Rollabind as it is $30 vs Levengers $60 and the Rolla punch works with the Circa discs and vise versa. Then you could buy the discs on eBay for $5 for a quantity of 50. And then make your own cover. This way, you can make any size you want (you have 50 discs to play with) and you can punch any paper you want! This is what I do!

Regarding how the paper stands up... I use every type of paper they make and have found no problems so far. (I am going on two months with my notebook). But, yes, just like when using a 3 ring binder, if you use the really lightweight stuff and move it around a ton, it will start to "break". They do make page reinforcers for those pages you move alot, but like Sarah, I just use Scotch Tape!

I love the Circa notebook, so keep the questions coming. Oh, one other thing I like... I have purchased two more sets of discs (different sizes and colors) and am now making a recipe book, a house buying notebook, a check register/financial notebook, etc. You can use this system for anything and you can make any size!

nay nay

Personal punch..

Hi nay nay..

Do you have the 'personal' punch that only does about 3 sheets at a time? I was pricing the 'desk' punch that does about 12.. The desk punch is $60 for rolla and $64 for circa. The personal was about $38 on the rollabind site, I think.

If you have the personal punch, do you like it? Does it take a lot of force to punch the pages? Do the pages get punched with one motion, or do you have to squeeze each punch/hole separately to get it to go? The plastic covey punches stank, had to squeeze each of the seven holes separately with significant force to get them to punch because it was all-plastic.

I have about 100 pages to punch to make up my initial book, so the idea of doing it one or two at a time is kinda discouraging? I did 5 index cards at a time with my regular 3-hole to make up my mead ringdex book. That wasn't really a big deal.

The idea of doing a totally custom book with custom punches makes me wonder if doing a quarter-letter size would be good. It would be easier to cut down than to fiddle with 3x5 size, and I'd get four sheets from each letter page.. Remaking my templates is no big deal, I've done them for three different sizes/orientations already. Then too, I could insert the existing 3x5s until I've used them up. Hm.

*sigh* It's so easy to come up with ways to use it, reasons to try it, etc. Why is $60 (plus shipping) such a big deal? Ugh. I'm such a weenie about stuff like that.


Bought one


I went back and looked at the personal punch again and realized it wasn't what I thought it was. It appears to be a 1/4 length metal punch, rather than an all-plastic model like the covey in-binder punches. It won't do a lot of pages at a time, but the price is significantly better and the size is fine given that I'm punching 3x5 cards, at least initially.

I mentioned to DH that I was considering a punch purchase, as well as the reason I wasn't leaping out to buy it. I only mentioned it twice yesterday, in a very low-key way, but apparently that was enough that DH told me to just go ahead and buy one. :)

So I did. I bought a personal punch kit with rings on eBay. I should have it next week sometime, since the seller is in a state near me.

I am so hopeless. People joke about the 'seafood' diet, but there's no equivalent joke about acquiring toys like this the same way. See toy, want toy, buy toy. Check your self-restraint at the door. :) This is the reason I have a hard time giving people Christmas lists for myself. I never deprive myself of anything I want, so there's nothing left on the 'want' list in September when they start asking.


Can't wait til it gets here!


sorry shris!

I went home sick yesterday, so am catching up on all of the posts! Glad to hear DH caved and told you buy the punch! I think you will be pleased with the system. I am hopeless as well and buy too many toys for myself! *sigh* is right! And, of course, finding this web site has not helped my addiction, it has only fueled it, but I'm not complaining!!!

Let us know what you think about the system when you get it!

nay nay

I struggled with the

I struggled with the decision of whether to decommission my FC punch and move over entirely to Circa. True, the Rolla punch is cheaper by $5, but if you're buying ANYTHING ELSE at the same time, it's still cheaper to go through Levenger because their shipping is less.

RE: Paper
Office paper is fine. For printing D*I*Y forms and such, I bought a pack of Office Depot's house brand color laser paper in 113 brightness (very white!) and 28 lb. weight. It really makes the forms look professional compared to standard 20 lb 88 brightness office paper.

I've not had any issues moving paper, but punched index cards definitely don't hold up as well as they are stiffer and don't seem to "bounce back" as well after multiple moves.

I think once you bite the bullet and buy the punch, you won't be sorry. No matter how many times you switch sizes (letter, classic, compact...) it will still be useful unlike the FC hole punch.

Note that the Circa Junior paper is an odd size -- not Classic or A5, but somewhere in between. You can use Classic (half of a letter sized sheet) but it will stick out 1/8" on top and bottom and be 1/8" thinner width-wise. This may or may not bother you depending on your level of OCD-ness. I hate it, but YMMV.


I struggled with the

>>>True, the Rolla punch is cheaper by $5, but if you're buying ANYTHING ELSE at the same time, it's still cheaper to go through Levenger because their shipping is less.

NOT for international orders. My latest order cost the same for the shipping as for the items! It was just a few small items - two packs of junior tabs, 2 page finders, one box of page points and one pack of translucent covers.

>>> Note that the Circa Junior paper is an odd size -- not Classic or A5, but somewhere in between. You can use Classic (half of a letter sized sheet) but it will stick out 1/8" on top and bottom and be 1/8" thinner width-wise. This may or may not bother you depending on your level of OCD-ness. I hate it, but YMMV.

This has been resolved. Levenger is moving its junior to classic size and the new items are all classic size. The translucent covers I bought recently are 6' x 8.25".

Peeling Circa

I've found the paper is easier to remove by peeling it. Start at the top and just slowly curl the page toward you. It comes out nicely, without harming the little tabs of paper. You can pull out a few pages at a time this way, not a big chunk.

I love the Circa system for two main reasons: 1) the Paper! and 2) the versatility of what kinds of papers I can put in a notebook. I have stacks of all sorts of Levenger paper, plus Clairefontaine, plus others... and while I manage to grab one of them for most notes, etc., it's inevitable that some regular old scraps will have scribbles on them, too. The great part is that I can punch those scraps and pop them into my Circa notebook just as easily as the regular paper.

Like others have mentioned, the plastic dividers are heavy plastic. I've ended up using them as covers rather than dividers. A few years back, they did have some gray coated paper dividers and I use those inside a couple of my notebooks.

Love the new products (esp. the 3x5) they are coming out with! Ryan, any chance of a California store? :D

Circa dividers - Vertical 3x5 tabs

Studio717: Sorry, no California store. If anything changes, I'll make sure you're the first to know.

As for the Circa dividers:

The new colors we've come out with are of a different thickness than the dividers everyone is used to. I agree with you that the old tabs probably made better covers. The revised tabs should take up a little less room in the notebooks due to the thinner material, while also offering a new color palette.

The best part in my opinion - the new vertical 3x5 tabs. A well-placed circa punch opens up some great hPossibilities!

New tabs, you say?

When might we see these new dividers? Will they be available in Compact size?


Compact dividers


You can check out the new dividers and vertical 3x5 tabs in about a week inside the new catalog. If you're lucky enough to live near a retail store, they are already out on display.

Circa paper and printers?

Thanks for all the great Circa/Rolla reviews. What a gem this site is!

Does anyone have experience with running Circa paper through a printer? I am pretty sure this system has the features I want, but am wondering if I *have* to buy a punch just to get started and try it. Also, I keep hearing how great the Circa paper is...


I've printed on a laser.

I've printed on a laser. Preference is to print on heavier paper, 24, 28 or 32# paper and punch. You can always by the punch and ebay it if you decide not to keep the system, they seem to get pretty close to what you pay for them.

Circa and printers

I have just copied my Kar-Ben Jewish calendar (full size paper) on to double sided circa paper. I only put one page through at a time (I was using my home printer - I would like to try with a real copier). It worked like a charm.

I think I am going to bite the bullet and buy the punch.

Speaking of Circa

Reading this thread gave me an idea I should have thought of two years ago.
The idea actually came to me while standing in front of the congregation singing a solo at Church.
We stand and sing at the pulpit, and my music was in a 3-ring binder with page protectors. The Pastor is quite tall and the center of the pulpit is adjusted to be comfortable for him. For most of us singers, it is just the right height/angle for such a glare you can't see the page.
"Put this music in a Circa Notebook!" It's all bound together neatly, so it's less likely to get lost and best of all, no glare!!

Thanks, folks!!! :o)

this was a good idea

Last night was the first use of the music in the Circa notebook.
It was wonderful! No Glare! No worry of lost music.
The cover is a gray one, so it is not as stiff as the current translucent ones.
Told DH when I fixed it up, that was a test to see if it worked then I'd need to order new covers and rings.
Last night I todd him I was ready to order. But he didn't say "Go ahead, Dear." HHmm . .


Do it!

Cool, sounds like a good way to do music. I'll have to keep it in mind.

I say, if he didn't tell you NOT to buy the stuff, then you are entitled to get the rings and covers!

But then, I'm generally a bad influence.

Making Plan(ners)...

Quote: "Last night I todd him (DH) I was ready to order. But he didn't say "Go ahead, Dear.""

Sarah is right, she is a bad influence. ;) The correct way to do it is to point out something DH did wrong three months previously. At first he will be shocked that you remember, for example, he missed the anniversary of your sixth date... You can then provide him with the chance of redemption: say by buying you a new planner?...

Trust me men are stupid. I should know I am one. :D

Did it

I ordered the letter size covers and some red discs today. Now my music book will be functional and pretty.
I need to design a nice cover page don't I.

Today is our ninth Anniversary, and DH asked what I wanted. I said the Truewriter FP in red, he said 'OK' but I just ordered the covers and rings today.

Silly me, I should go back and order the pen, too.

More thoughts...

I'm new to the forum but not Circa - have been using about 5 years and I believe I've used every size out there - including 12x12 for calendars, 11x8.5 for albums, 2x3, etc. (I like the concept so much that I also provide particpants of training programs with a journal (5x8) and a small notebook 4x6) - these I get from Rollabind as they are less expensive) - I use the Circa 'cause I like the paper and they are what I cut my teeth on. Levenger used to have a smaller Circa "compact" size - closer to the 4 x 6 - but they stopped selling it for some strange reason; I wish they'd resurrect it.
I think Circa is too cool and try as I might, I cannot move myself to use other systems - and I'd used DayRunner, Franklin Covey, et al. Everything you all have written re: flexibility and versatility is correct.I really think the ability to interfile different sizes of paper is the system's biggest advantage. Did I mention that I also have the phone/address book? I think the idea of the sampler pack is good for trying out. If you're going to use Circa, by all means invest in the punch - yes, it's pricey but well worth the expense and the equivalent of about 10-12 lattes.

Neil Simon's Circa

The Circa I wish I'd bought were large ones made for Neil Simon. I saw them in one - count 'em, ONE - catalog. That was it, as far as I remember. (This was a long long time ago, before the internet store.) They were extra-large notebooks and paper, but at the time I told myself I could get them later. That'll teach me to wait, especially with Levenger's. Some of their stuff is there, then gone.

Love the new stuff they're introducing, though. :) I so want a zip Circa binder in plum. ;/

I remember

I remember seeing the Neil Simon book. It was a short-lived item, wasn't it?

The only leather colors in the most recent catalog are Red, Toffee and Black. Maybe more variety will be available in the future.

leather colors

if the levenger rep is still around, i'd like to encourage making the products in the espresso color.


I'm sure Ryan's around here someplace. I'd vote for an Espresso color, too. A nice rich deep brown.

Then when I spill my real espresso on it, it won't show.


A few days ago I found a Levenger catalog dated October 2005. It had the Plum color in it. Nice!

I think they had an Espresso color in the past.

Circa leather colors


;) Yeah I'm here. Feel free to drop me a line anytime you'd like to amplify a discussion.

What would you think of the Bomber Jacket leather in lieu of the espresso? [or any other colors for that matter]

Anyone know a simple way to poll something like this?

I think it would be great if the community were to want to take an active role in choosing a new leather color. I can't promise it would make it to production. However, I'd do my best to pitch the idea. Opening the development process up to Circa's biggest advocates is a pretty exciting concept.


bomber jacket leather for circa

I just got my latest Levenger catalog in the mail today (sea and sand...) and as I was going thru it I was wishing that you made the Circa covers in the Bomber Jacket leather - lets see now, that's one vote for a junior size Circa cover in Bomber Jacket leather - yes that's right Me - over here.....

Neil Simon uses Circa? Any

Neil Simon uses Circa? Any more info, especially online?

Circa + Simon only in catalog

Hi, Chet,

The only place I've seen the Simon + Circa combo was in the Levenger catalog, but it did have a pic of Simon holding the Circa notebooks named after him. As I mentioned, they were extra large ones. (Which is not to say it's the only place, just the only place I've seen it.)

Circa Rolla

I've been following comments on this forum and have linked it into my website:

Circa colors

If you're taking a poll, Ryan, navy blue is nice, too! :)

Actually, I have a question: Will the fold-over leather cover ever be re-sized for classic 8.5x5.5 pages? I'm eyeing the red one, but I'd prefer it if my custom classic-sized pages didn't go all the way to the edge.

And I second Doug's wish that the cover had two pen loops. I also carry both a pen and a pencil with me.

Okay, one more question: Why are the pockets inside the back cover instead of the front? Doesn't that make the pages lumpy as you get near the back of the notebook?

Laura-the-ever-questioning :)

PS Another great use for Circa... I was looking into having one of my manuscripts printed in 8.5x5.5 size and spiral bound, since my friends and relatives give great feedback but object to reading entire books on the computer screen. Kinkos wanted $50 to print and spiral-bind TWO copies. So I bought a set of junior covers and 1" rings (total cost: $16) and printed and bound them myself. (That punch pays for itself, really!)

Some people hear voices in their heads.
Writers take dictation.

Circa and Levenger in general

Like many of you I get the Levenger catalogs regularly. Over the years I have found that the quality of their products varies widely. I had a briefcase from them that basically disintegrated in about a month.
That being said, their paper products are first rate. I have been a user of their 3X5 cards for years. I also have been a big user of their pads of paper. Up until recently I was a user of their ink.(Now I am a confirmed Noodler's user.) One of the really nice things about their cards and paper is that fountain pens work very well, with no bleed through. I think that I will stick to my three hole punch for my planner. I never had much luck with rolodexes-the holes tend to fray when I put things in or take them out.


+1 on a circa in bomber jacket material, but i think i'd like espresso better.

as far as extra pen loops, levenger could sell an insert page with a pen loop so one could add an extra, or two, or three.

i have not purchased any levenger products in the last couple of years, but there has been some griping about the quality over at the quality of the leather products, and the quality of the paper products, have both been criticized.

Pen loops & FPN


"as far as extra pen loops, levenger could sell an insert page with a pen loop so one could add an extra, or two, or three."

That's a great suggestion. I agree with you too, Laura. Including only one loop does restrict the number of writing tools you can easily access:

: -an editing pen/pencil, a fountain or rollerball for mapping and visualizing ideas and relationships, a quick ballpoint for capturing notes and ideas on-the-go

I'm familiar with the discussions on FPN. I was unaware of many of the poor experiences with quality that were discussed, and pretty concerned by a few of the testimonials. However, the community over there is full of very bright, perceptive folks that might be noticing changes we aren't seeing internally. (I think fountain pen users cultivate their appreciation for quality by the very nature of their passion.) For this reason, I've been sharing their experiences with our staff for the past few months.

I'm just glad I found the threads and was able to learn from them. I might not agree with a few of the comments, but they were made by customers that trusted Levenger and cared enough to try and let us know how to make things right. For this reason, I value each comment. In time, I hope I can solve each issue and address each member in an open discussion on a personal level. [lofty goal I suppose, but I can't think of a better way]


Circa improvements

Ryan - thanks for the chance to share ideas and feedback on one of hte most versatile systems out there (not to mention quality on par with Moleskine!).

I would love to see a chocolate colour foldover (and/or a really good dark green).


top-bound circa

Even more than additional color choices, I would like to see a top-bound reporter style 3x5 notebook with leather covers. One of the covers could even have a jotter-style holder incorporated into it. And the other cover could have a slip pocket for extra blank cards. You can just remove the jotter cover and carry it around if you needed to be super extra mobile...

Why doesn't Levenger make a pocket briefcase with TWO jotter holders? So that you could be using (or at least able to view) two cards at once? The International could have a holder on each side, for instance. Or the flip pocket could open up to have two holders instead of a holder on one side and business card slots on the other.

A pen holder insert is exactly what I made for myself and use. I took my double pen holder that I made a while back and trimmed the plastic down to slightly more than 3x5. I can now stick it into my leather rope or slide it into a slip pocket on a 3x5 holder, and voila, a pen loop.

Those of use who cannot wear shirts with breast pockets have no good way of carrying pens around, so some sort of pen holder is essential.



i'm glad that you and your company value the feedback, even if it is negative. in my line of work i'm always VERY appreciative of those who step forward and point out problems, because then we can address them and try to improve. much better than being "nice" and just keeping quiet!

it is interesting to me that most of the complaints that i read were about fountain pen bleeding on levenger paper and note cards, while i have read a number of threads here about levenger paper being great because it does NOT bleed with fountain pens. so, i'm confused. i guess i need to find out for myself.

my only gripe with levenger is the high shipping costs. i've been pretty satisfied with the products that i have ordered over the years, and customer service was good the one time i used it.


Testing for bug noted before the update
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Circa Printing

I recently contacted Levenger to find out if they had blank paper that was not punched that would hopefully run through my printer more than a single shest at a time.

Apparently they only carry unpunched paper that is already printed with lines or grids.

Does anyone know where i can get blank unpunched junior size paper that i do not have to trim?